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Art Days x Public Spaces

Nicolas Lobo | Against Nature

À rebours (Against Nature), 2014, Perfume, distilled water, aerator, timer  Miami Center for Art and Design, 100 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132

Lobo _final-web-image_200dpiFocusing on the intersection of the senses with cultural, emotional and technological systems of consumption, Nicolas Lobo designs systems of assimilation. His activities employ the use value of sensual perception in a knowledge economy.

Every hour on the hour a perfume selected from the variety of downtown specialty shops will be released onto street level via misting nozzles. The scent will be mixed with distilled water and misted from a one story height so that it caries for several blocks depending on the breeze. In the past Lobo has used materials including grape flavored cough syrup, an aphrodisiac soft drink and play-dough to produce projects that give form to a distinct sensory economy.

Domingo Castillo

777 International Mall, 145 E. Flagler Street, Miami, FL Domingo Cat

For this project, Domingo Castillo will develop a collaborative performance taking place in and around the 777 International Mall. The performance will include the organizing, rehearsal and presentation of Alfred Jarry’s important play Ubu Roi.

The planning and process will occur inside the mall’s food court, hallways, staircases, elevator, piano and stores. Visually, the performance would look as if students are wasting away the day similar to that of a mall rat. Castillo and a group of collaborators will spend most of the days in the Mall rehearsing, thinking, talking and reworking the play in order to suit it to the location. Neither a true performance nor a class, the work grapples with authorship in a way that everyone involved can explore.

Emmett Moore | Methods of Action

Methods of Action, 2014, Jens Rizom’s Lounge Chair, the Eames shell chair, and the Emeco 1006 “Navy” chair, chains, locks. Scattered sites.

The title “Methods of Action” is based on a phrase Charles Eames used to describe design. The interactive installation will take place at three different stops for public transportation around Downtown Miami. Three iconic chairs, Jens Rizom’s Lounge Chair, the Eames shell chair, and the Emeco 1006 “Navy” chair will be chained to public Bus/Metrorail/Metromover stops for use by the public. The project will re-democratize three classic American designs originally intended for the masses. All three chairs were designed around technological advancements and material restrictions brought on by WWII.  All three chairs have been co-opted by high-end manufacturers and assimilated into an elite design vernacular.  Placing the chairs at bus-stops counters a form of mass-market design that aims to dissuade users from getting too comfortable.  Bringing these chairs into the public realm makes these chairs accessible once again while creating a playful and uncanny scenario.Moore_3 Chairs

ART DAYS: 2014 marks the third annual Art Days weekend. In this app you will find an Art Days event calendar that features over 170 free events (unless otherwise noted) packed into three fun-filled days. Art Days is a collaboration between the Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA) and the cultural spaces and artists residing in Downtown Miami. Together, we have ensured that there is something for everyone, including exhibitions, artist projects, walking tours, bike tours, art parties and family programming across a multitude of cultural venues throughout Downtown Miami. Not only this, in 2014 the Miami DDA launched a micro-grant program to support projects created uniquely for Art Days. As a result, Art Days features a wide selection of temporal art projects that explore a variety of creative fields including performance, art, music, dance, art education and more. Come and Be Creative with us!

FRINGE: This year the Miami DDA has partnered with the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places to commission six dynamic and explorative temporary public artworks made by Miami-based contemporary artists; Jenny Brillhart, Domingo Castillo, Moira Holohan, Nicolas Lobo, Emmett Moore, and Kevin Arrow & Barron Sherer. Curated by Amanda Sanfilippo for the second year, the Fringe projects are site-determined works that integrate, investigate and interrogate some of Downtown Miami’s less conventional spaces in a wide range of practices including installation to performance. Located within one mile of the Art Days hub, these projects will be on view for one week from September 18 to September 28, 2014. For further information and updates, visit

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