Average Joe Art SaleBack to Basics

By Valerie Eggarter

Yeahhhhhhh!!! Got to check out what everyone’s up to at the Average Joe Art Sale Sunday, January 27th, at Yo Space. “A hidden gem” (as I would say) featuring the latest and greatest of Miami local artists such as GG, GoopMasta and Ulises Baine. A quaint studio, plenty of art, a tricked out ping-pong table, and Los Chamos food truck.

Get your asses out there, bring your friends, play some ping pong, talk about art, don’t talk about art, buy what you love. It’s only once a month and it’s a hop and a skip away from wherever you’re going next…Some of the first pieces that I saw and were personally interesting, were those of Gabriel Gimenez AKA: GG (above).As a first timer, I was pleasantly surprised to see how some of my favorite artists such as Keith HaringAndy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat continue to live through the artwork of one of Miami’s youngest self-made artists whose work has made it into local, national and international art fairs.

Goop Masta also had some pretty dope pieces featuring what seemed to look like a mix of a pimped out homer-esque cartoon with some gnarly ass colors and a twist of dry humor. Ulises Baine shared a totally different style, bringing to the table portrait style paintings that capture emotion, and spiritual energy seamlessly through the use of line and flair of colors.

To say the least, all of these artists featured an array of unique styles, use of color and technique that I thought were very much worth looking at and keeping up with. Once you become aware of what you’re looking at, it’s hard not to appreciate the connections you see in their work that make it personal to you. So for those of you who didn’t catch Average Joe’s this past month, make sure to keep your ears out for the next one and hope to see you all there!