Average Joe Art Sale

This Sunday, January 27th visit the ‘Average Joe Art Sale’ and grab a new art piece for yourself or someone you love; it is almost Valentines Day after all. Broke? No worries, the sale happens every last Sunday of the month so start saving you pennies for the next one! Meanwhile, feel free to pop-in for a friendly ping-pong tournament on the YoSpace custom table.

For several months now, YoMiami has been hosting a monthly ‘Average Joe Art Sale’  providing us common folk with an opportunity to acquire some artwork at a reasonable price. The sale is held at their YoSpace and includes but is not limited to original works to limited edition prints, merchandise and apparel by resident and featured artist. To keep it average, the sale price may not exceed $250 per item. 

Disclaimer: Resident Artists may have more expensive work in their studios.

YoSpace is a communal space with 7 artist studios and a gallery space. The space is available for artists to use as studio, office, exhibitions.


“The goal is to create an intimate environment where artists can come in order to flourish and interact with people who will help them take their craft to the next level, both creatively and professionally.”

Featured Art(ist)


James Brutus

“I grew up here in Miami in the city of Opa Locka, a town right next to the airport and adjacent to Hialeah. There are a lot of warehouses. It reflects Detroit as far as poverty, crime, not much of diversity, people on the streets up to no good. I was looking at different artist from African American community and seeing their content. Many of them touched on subjects and ideas they grew up with. So it was right there in front of me. My own subjects and ideas I grew up with and began to address that in my work in terms of different scenarios.”



“I believe that music and art go hand in hand, like left and right. One inspires the other, they constantly revolve around each other, music inspires art-art inspires music.”

Natalia Molina

Raul Santos II

“Overthrowing the mass and stayin true to the underground.”


Additional Featured Artist: Trek 6Lizzie Easton-MontesGGAnthony Jackson,  Vince HerreraGoop MasstaUlises BaineIvan RoqueTrap. YoSpace Resident Artists: Lorie Setton and Kazilla.

If:Miami, bringing in different entrepreneurs each month who will add their own flavor to every event. For their first month as Average Joes, they’ll be bringing along their friends at JoJo Tea, a local “pure, premium tea” company who will have plenty for visitors to sip on. Los Chamos food truck is going to be out front serving up their delicious Venezuelan food. Touching Miami with Love, the non-profit that has been empowering the families of Overtown since 1995, will have their “Art That Feeds” custom painted plates for sale as well. A $40 per plate provides them the funds they need to get 35 kids hot nutritious meals after school.

Call To Artists

Open to all mediums, the only requirement, as with last time, is that no individual item can have a selling price of more than $250. Submit Images of all work that you want to sell at the event, A short artist statement and some background information (where you’ve exhibited etc., Email submissions to [email protected].

Participant Requirements:

  • Send a list/inventory of work you intend to sell (image, description, quantity, dimensions, selling price, etc.)
  • Art must be dropped off and installed at Yo Space no later than 1/25/13. Drop off and setup must be scheduled at least 1 day in advance.
  • Art must be ready to hang/display (will be on S-hooks hanging from chains or nails depending on the wall). If you bring prints, I suggest having a nice/organized way to display them, (i.e. clear plastic tub/bin). Canvases need to have wire or something you can hang on a hook in the back or we can’t hang it.
  • There is an upfront vendor fee of $15 for each artist exhibiting (paid when work is dropped off), to be deducted from a 25% commission of total sales. (So if you sell $200 worth, commission owed would be $50; minus the $15 paid there’d be a balance owed of $35. If you sell $60 you break even on the $15 fee.)

What began as a passion for art, music and Miami has evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the local scene. Bringing together creatives from all walks of life, we strive to shine a light on the elements of Miami culture that should be recognized and celebrated. Connecting venue owners, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and media outlets, Yo Miami is all about connecting creative people with those in need of creativity.