tumblr_m5x965XXgn1rvtksho1_500The objective of For Artists, BY ARTISTS‘ is to harbor a social colony for artists from all disciplines of the arts with a focus on painters, photographers, designers and sculptors.

This week, For Artist, By Artists will be featuring Jenny Perez and introducing Brazilian airbrush artist, Marcio Karam.

Using the tech and media capabilities at Haven the artwork will be displayed in a panoramic video wall which maximizes its potential and sets this weekly exhibition apart from others.


Dreamer By Day, Painter By Night

Jenny Perez continues to translate stories in the art world, Jenny Perez Is rapidly becoming a female prodigy to art collectors of the subtle industry of fine art, new aged pop art, and commercial arts.

“I just want to express to the world the wonderful things that I see all the time in my head.”

Her Latin background, and the up-tempo beat of South Florida, makes for vivid stories of the human spirit through her artwork. Using rich bold colors, Perez fondly creates thought provoking paintings with whimsical Afro-Cuban accents.


Marcio Karam, Brazilian airbrush artist

“I was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and as a boy my first passion was surfing but then I found paint and began painting surf/skateboards,first for myself and then for my friends. As a young artist I had and tried many ideas and artforms; oil painting, acrylics, watercolor but in the end Airbrush became my media of choice and my father bought me my first full airbrush set up – I was in heaven.”

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