Inside Rebeca Raney's World of Imagination

Photography by Rod Deal


Primary Projects’ never disappoints and always brings it during Basel with nothing short of memorable installations and intelligent exhibits. This year, they have not one but three exhibitions going on around town –  Asifs Guns, a pop-up solo exhibit by Asif Faroq in Wynwood, Parker Soho, an installation by Kenton Parker across the bridge at SoHo Beach House, and RANEYTOWN by Rebeca Raney at their project space in the Design District.

RANEYTOWN began as a simple blog and developed into a collaborative space that brought two sisters, Rebeca and Raquel Raney, living in two different cities closer together through art and design. Together, they created and presented their readers with a variety of visually dynamic subjects in a light and silly atmosphere. This Art Basel 2012, RANEYTOWN comes to life in a transformative, joyful show by Miami native, New York-based artist Rebeca Raney. Last week, Rebeca Raney invited myself and Rod Deal to Primary Projects to peak inside her world of imagination. Today we share with you the joy and wonder we found and invite you to step inside Primary Projects and experience it for yourself this Thursday, December 6th.

We found Rebeca Raney diligently at work at Primary Projects last Monday. Raney invited us in for a chat and allowed us to snap some photos of some of sculptures she was working for the exhibition. As she showed us around the space and passionately explained the project, the exhibit began unfolding before our very eyes.

Rebeca Raney’s characters (like the ones above/below) come to life in a populace of sculptures that walk, dance, take baths, and suspend from the ceiling in booby-traps of their own making. As you make your way into Primary Projects these colorful characters will surround you and invite you to play, while a looming 10-foot “Plant Person” will preside over all the havoc.


Rebeca Raney is always creating. She has been in Miami working on pieces of embroidery (like the one above) to sew on her characters since the summer months. For the exhibit, these intricate, colorful pieces of embroidery have become the faces of her lovable creations.


For several years, RANEYTOWN has been depicted in over 250 ink and gouache drawings and works on pane. The playful imagery of hybrid animals, flora and fantastical people is the compelling wish for her two-dimensional drawings to come to life.

With this exhibition, Rebeca Raney has finally fulfilled her wish and now that the world of RANEYTOWN exists within the gallery walls, these drawing will be hung in the gallery not as a representation of a world she once imagined but as frames of a world that exists, “a memory filled room, where paintings mimic photographs; capturing moments of fun, fauna, magic, mischief, labor, and love.”


In collaboration with Madewell, Rebeca Raney’s imagery will also debut in a limited edition fashion collection at Primary Projects, and at Madewell stores in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Rebeca Raney’s signature backwards-facing llamas and intricate floral elements provide the inspiration for a luxurious cashmere sweater, pendant necklace, silk top, scarf and hand-painted leather transport totes.

The Boutique by RANEYTOWN, Primary Project’s pop-up, will feature the complete Rebeca Raney x Madewell collection, along with treasures including bronze figurines, hand-painted paper rocks, letterpress stationary and more, ranging from $20 – $900.

See you all this Thursday, December 6th at Primary Projects where we look forward to experiencing the complete wonder of RANERYTOWN. For now we’ll leave you to watch Madewell’s interview with Rebeca Raney. View entire Rebeca Raney x Madewell Collection: click here

Opening Reception

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 7-10pm

Private Collectors Viewing Friday, November 3oth

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