CLOSERGroup Exhibit

Contributed by Mariana Ochoa. Images Courtesy of Spinello Projects

Spinello Projects, one of our favorite local contemporary art venues founded by Anthony Spinello, will be repping Miami with a special group exhibition – CLOSER.

Last Tuesday, November 27, we hit up the Press & Collector’s Preview for a first look at the exhibition and found ourselves discovering how artists, lovers, strangers, and relatives interact in a single moment or throughout their lives. CLOSER presents fifteen emerging artists and their perspectives on the qualities that create, bind or dissolve relationships. The featured artists represent nine countries (Argentina, Great Britain, France, South Africa, Israel, China, Croatia, Venezuela, and the United States) making the project versatile through an international perspective on a subject matter that is both universal and often times contextual.

Ingrid Lee, Das Rote Sprachrohr (Still), Performed by Ingrid Lee and Taylor Brizendine, Filmed by Rowan Smith, 2012

The exhibition includes video, audio, installation, performance, drawing and sculpture, providing an opportunity for the audience to experience the concept through a variety of platforms and voices. A standout piece of the exhibition was a sound installation entitled For You (Closer) by an Israeli artist, Naama Tsabar. The installation was built within the gallery’s own architecture as an audio source. This installation allows the walls to actually talk, making this type of communication part of the building’s physical foundation. CLOSER also includes beautifully made films by Paris-based artists, twins Abby Double and Federico Nessi, demonstarting the lyric, poetic nature of collaboration, an all important element of our interactions.

Ana Mendez & Federico Nessi, Untitled Video (Still), 2011

At the opening preview, we caught a performance entitled ‘Drinks on Me’ by artists, Antonia Wright and Rube Millares. This performance embodied the interaction between two individuals leading one to question the implications of the interaction. Throughout the performance, the artists threw wine and ink-filled balloons at each other while engaging in dynamic movement. The performance begs the question, are these two at play or at war?

In a nutshell, the exhibit shows the complexities that occur when we strive to get closer to each other and speaks to our struggle to maintain communication. Take our word for it and make sure you pop in to check it out, this exhibit is not to be missed during this weeks inundation of openings and events.

Spinello Projects  presents, CLOSER, a group exhibition with a live performance program by Augustina Woodgate on December 4th 7-10 p.m. Exhibition runs through January 5, 2013.