Art Basel X

To mark its 10th edition, Art Basel Miami Beach will feature new artworks and projects by emerging artists from more than 250 leading art galleries, video and sound art, performances, and public art projects including the inauguration of a new collaboration with the Bass Museum of Art.

Art Nova

Art Nova is designed for galleries to showcase emerging artistic practices with new works created during the last two or three years – often even fresh from the studio.

Art Positions

Art Positions showcases single projects from one artist, allowing curators, critics, and collectors to discover ambitious new talents. This year, 16 young galleries, from ten different countries, represent nearly half the projects with  record representation of Latin America.

Art Kabinett

Since its conception in 2005, Art Kabinett has become a treasured sector,  providing galleries with a platform to display the curatorial aspect of their work. The Selection Committee chose 30 galleries, more than ever before, for a dynamic program that includes thematic group exhibitions and solo shows of both young artists such as Martin Jacobson and historical figures like Beatrice Wood, Yves Klein and John Cage. Group shows include the exhibitions, ‘Repetitions – Art Works in Plural’ (Kicken Berlin) and ‘The Two of Us‘ (Adler & Conkright).

Art Public

In response to the conceptual and performative art practices of previous decade, Art Basel Miami Beach, in collaboration with the Bass Museum of Art, will transform Collins Park with a record number of 24 public art works including outdoor sculptures, interactive performances, site-specific installation.

Opening Night

Art Public will open on November 30 featuring Theaster Gates and the Black Monks of Mississippi, responding in song to the works in an art-historical and monastic manner. The evening will also include an evocative experimental performance by Sanford Biggers and Moon Medicine combining images of punk, funk, film noir, sci-fi, with traditional Samoan dance, Buddhism and original video content and music.


The performances are complimented by works in a variety of media, ranging in date from Bruce Conner’s ‘LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS’ (1959-1965) to the present. The silent-loop installation, collected and composed thousands of saturated single-frame images, layered with in-camera multiple exposures, is a colorful, explosive expedition through San Francisco and rural Mexico in search of magic mushrooms and transcendent illumination.


Art Basel Conversations

Art Basel Conversations offer the public a chance to see dynamic dialogs between prominent international figures debating the key issues facing the art world and offering perspectives on producing, collecting and exhibiting art. The program includes ‘Art Basel Miami Beach and South Florida: A Decade of Transformation’ where local collectors will discuss cultural developments in South Florida over the past ten years. Legendary artist, Gabriel Orozco, will inaugurate the Conversations Thursday December 1 at 10am. An all-female museum directors’ panel will discuss ‘The Evolution of Museum Missions’ while ‘The Future of Artistic Practice’ will focus on ‘The Artist as Poet’.

Art Salon

Is an open space for shorter presentations, including panel discussion,and lectures from range of speakers including Carlos Cruz-Diez, Theater Gaters, Haegue Yang, Mark Handforth, Ernesto Neto, Tomás Saraceno and Richard Tuttle, featuring a discussion about ‘Regionalism’ in a globalized art world with the Bruce High Quality Foundation, Jens Hoffmann and Chelsea Haines. Free – seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Art Video

Over three nights, the Art Video program presents for the first time in SoundScape Park on the projection wall of the New World Center,  featuring film and video works by  artists. Specially designed viewing pods in the Miami Beach Convention Centre where 22 films from the Art Video Nights will be presented in a continuous loop. Art Video will present six screening programs starting on Wednesday, November 30 at 8pm with ‘Landscape’, bringing together film and video works with a literal or figurative take on the theme. Each work will take viewers on a curious journey to extraordinary places and unpossessed landscapes. Art Video nights are free and open to the public. Limited seating is available; bring a blanket or beach chair.


Gerhard Richter Painting presents an intriguing portrait of the artist Gerhard Richter at work. Shot primarily during the spring and summer of 2009, the film captures the artist as he goes through the very personal and tension-filled processes of artistic creation.

Art Agenda

Art-Agenda, collaboration between Art Basel and e-flux, provides timely information on current and upcoming exhibitions. Art Agenda allows you to save your preferences to plan your visit, collect and print gallery data and information on artworks and contact galleries. Art Basel + e-flux = Art-Agenda 

Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4
Daily from noon to 8pm, Sunday until 6pm
Miami Beach Convention Center