altFair: Verge Art

Verge Art Miami Beach is an international exposition of the high quality artistic production focused on new and emerging art.

Verge is an ongoing experiment in art, markets, ideas and the art culture composed of international and national exhibitors.

Founded on the vision to take the traditional ‘pay for space model’ whose judges employ only a single yardstick in their evaluation of this standard model–the amount of capital behind it, and taking it into experimental territory beyond the trading floor concept continuously challenging participants.

Collectives + Projects

Sticking to their founding vision, Verge provides an alternative platform for art collectives and their projects otherwise found in places remote from and yet accessible often operating at the fringes of commercial centers.

Freed from the constraints of previous decades, collectives translated in the realm of emerging art as a unique approach to participation in the art marketplace and evolved into saavy operators capable of delivering on the needs of their own self-interests.

By making art available through special programs, such as Tomorrow Stars, Verge provides something more for living artists: the opportunity to participate in the marketplace on the merit of their own ideas.


Tomorrow Stars

Chosen by a distinguished panel of jurors, “Tomorrow Stars” represents the brightest and best by artists from around the globe, offering the opportunity to own the work of tomorrow’s stars today.

The Drawing Show

Catherine Lane, Figure With Guns

Often the first step in an artist’s exercise of ideas, drawing continues to serve as a subversive force, both in its delineation of artistic ideas as well as in its potential to inspire and serve as the first step in production unrestrained by economic categories.

In effort to advance the interests of unique approaches to the current state of visual art, Verge devoted a section exclusively to drawing. The Drawing Show presents drawing as a unique, universally accessible, artistic practice and as a medium that overlaps all disciplines.

1671 Washington Ave
Dec 2 – 3 , Noon – 10 pm. Dec 4, Noon – 6 pm