Gil Bitton'sDark Room

To Gil Bitton, the singing half of Brooklyn/Miami dance rock duo Crystal Cadillac, life is a “seductive dark mystery.” That philosophy shines through in his photography.

Gil turned to photography after one of his previous bands broke up, and since then, he’s taken up the medium with full force. Making the cut to last years Art Basel and praised by the Miami Herald, Bitton’s work is marked with a dark yet delicate atmosphere. Through hints of female figures, vintage aesthetics, and abstract compositions, Bitton’s work evokes sensuality.


Prior to photography, Bitton appeared on the Miami music map as front man for local band Endo, opening for bands like Foo-Fighters and Static-X, and later signed to Columbia Records. His voice has graced hollywood movies such as Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000, DAREDEVIL, and 11:14.

Gil is still working on music as half of dance music duo Crystal Cadillac (along with childhood friend Brett “Cosmo” Thorngren). He’s also got a few solo projects, like this cover of classic french song “Ne Me Quittes Pas”, originally by french artist Jaques Brel, rerecorded at Franchise Miami by Aaron Fishbein.