Crystal CadillacBrooklyn Raw x Miami Swag

Crystal Cadillac, better known as Brett Thorngren (singer/songwriter/producer) and Gil Bitton, (singer/songwriter) have been in the scene since before you ever got your first pair of Ray-Bans. Old mates from grade school, the pair have been making music together for over a decade. The duo may not be known as Lisbon anymore, but Crystal Cadillac, their latest collaboration, is taking Miami by storm.

Crystal Cadillac has now released their first full length album on local designer label, IVAN Records.  The 16 track EP has a post-punk, ethereal dark wave vibe, full of reflective lyrics and dark undertones that combine melancholy with melody beneath a giant crystal disco ball.

Brett Thorngren, also known as COSMO (Perpetuity Publishing UK)  has released loads of tracks internationally on labels like Universal, Filtered, and Neo Records. Gil Bitton is the other half of Crystal Cadillac. He was formerly the lead singer for Sony recording artist Endo, and he’s responsible for much of the vocals on Crystal Cadillac’s debut album.

While working on Crystal Cadillac, COSMO was gripped by the spontaneous urge to create music with local artist Amanda Green, and earlier this year, the two joined forces to play and record punk rock as YOYO XO, which forced Crystal Cadillac on to the back burner for a while there. Well now, they’re back:

Crystal Cadillac’s full length EP is now available in-store and online at Sweat Records.

The Vagabond and Sweat Records will be hosting the official album release party for Crystal Cadillac on June 24th at their weekly Fridays at The Vagabond shebang. Here’s some Crystal Cadillac to tide you over until Friday:

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