DOPEDOLL Fashion Chronicles: Jacked Fashion

They say fashion is an art form, a sheer reflection of the soul, an expressive state of being. Fashion comes in all different shapes, styles and most of all colors. Jacked Fashion’s Alaska is no stranger to color, one look at her hot pink hair will confirm that. Taking inspiration from the Art Deco aesthetic of Miami, her collections embody a fearless attitude towards clothing.

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Behind The Music: EONS

Imagine a revamp of the best dance pop from the eighties blasting in a futuristic night club where everyone is totally stoned. That is precisely what Eons sounds like. They have sounded that way since their birth from the creative mind of frontman and songwriter Johnny Deezal back in 2012. Since then, multi-instrumentalist Matthew Gossman joined the mix and they’ve polished things up quite a bit.

For their new single “Heat of the Night” the songwriting is brought up to the next level while production is at its most crisp. They recorded and produced it all themselves which even in this DIY day and age, is impressive.

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