Who is FKA Twigs?

I have been following FKA Twigs ever since I saw her wide eyed, bobbling head on YouTube. I was simultaneously intrigued and disillusioned. As the months progressed, more videos started popping up, and her seemingly enigmatic persona began to reveal itself. I felt a constant pull between being deeply enthralled but also put off. Who is this person? Why does she dress like a new member of TLC? Wait, she dances too? Huh, she choreographs… directs… produces? Oh, and really- she is dating Robert Pattinson?

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The Cuban Table Cookbook

There’s a certain aura that Cuba emanates, that’s not easy to put a finger on. Books like The Cuban Table,helps one get familiarized with the Caribbean island in such an intimate way. Author, Ana Sofia and photographer, Ellen serve up dishes and images that captivates both the palate and eyes. The recipe lead-ins provide a wealth of fascinating information about the history

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Welcome to the NeighborhoodNormandy Isles

Surely you’ve noticed the post World War II style homes and MiMo buildings that give Normandy Isles such a unique European charm, unlike anywhere else in Miami.

On a recent press tour, they provided the perfect backdrop in discussing the area’s revival. With its conveniences, style and culture, the island village is bound to be the next “hot” neighborhood.

We spoke and met with business and community leaders, and other stakeholders around all the activity underway. And here’s a glimpse of what Normandy Isles has to offer, today and tomorrow.

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Miami Art Week Fair Guide

Unless you’re new around these parts, you should have a pretty good idea of what’s going down by now. We’ve talked music, museums, events, and art projects. Last but not least, we’ve prepared your guide to Miami Art Week’s Fairs (by location) for your convenience. Be sure to check out our other guides and share with your friends! They will thank you.

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Art WeekProject Guide

Here are our picks of projects and exhibits happening during Miami Art Week. We’ve listed them by neighborhood so that you can plan your visits to the galleries and spaces accordingly. We hope this saves you some time driving around town, and gives you more time for ART! With so many sick parties going down, you may have forgotten, but that’s what it’s all about after all! There’s a shit ton of dope art being showcased and we get new projects sent to us everyday. That being said, we’ll be updating this list…

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