So ViceThey’ve Gamed it Twice

A significant contingent of those who get it sure got it good, damn good; just as those who’ve been gettin’ it steadily have gotten it all along. What did they get? Yeah, you got it. All that and then some. Or as Tom Waits might say: Real Done Gone.

That get-of-gets came about when a core of the crew christened MSG reunited to mark the opening of the arthouse named Vice. An event which at once merged then with now, and promised a world full of wowsome tomorrows.

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Limulidae by Gustavo Oviedo

Whether adventuring around town or exploring the coastline on his boat, local artist, Gustavo Oviedo draws and literally collects inspiration from all over sunny South Florida – both by land and sea. Currently, Oviedo has a mural at Young at Art Museum (YAA) titled Limulidae. It is an abstract mural that incorporates lots of his ideas about marine environments, horseshoe crabs, and reusing materials.

Take a closer look, you may be surprised with what you’ll discover in the giant abstract art…

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DOPEDOLL Chronicles: Jacked Fashion

They say fashion is an art form, a sheer reflection of the soul, an expressive state of being. Fashion comes in all different shapes, styles and most of all colors. Jacked Fashion’s Alaska is no stranger to color, one look at her hot pink hair will confirm that. Taking inspiration from the Art Deco aesthetic of Miami, her collections embody a fearless attitude towards clothing.

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