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Adulting can be heavy. Turning to laughter for relaxation is something I learned from my grandfather. Talents like Matt Bachus provide great comic relief. Originally from Indianapolis Bachus has been making people laugh since he was a child. One day his friend’s dad Darrel told him that he believed in him, and to pursue being a comedian. Sometimes the confidence of an adult is all it takes for someone to believe in themselves and their dreams. In this case, it was. A few weeks later Bachus went to his an open mic and he has been doing stand up ever since.

Bachus considers himself an artist, he’s dabbled in music and in his spare time he records a comedy finance podcast Hold My Bread. The podcast came from his interest in learning about “cash money.” A lover of sneakers, art museums and auction houses I chatted with Bachus about what his most memorable moments as a comedian have been, and how he gets dates. Read the interview below.

“Art can be anything that affects someone.” – Matt Bachus

Describe yourself in three words.

MOTIVATED. I didn’t go to college… I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is… like Forest Gump, but I think Jenny was an asshole. er I mean… All I’ve ever really cared about is doing stand up and being creative how I want to.  I decided this is what I’m doing a while ago…. this isn’t always the life I wanted, but I’m working to get to where I want to be every day.

TALENTED. I know I’m good at what I do. I know I work hard… I don’t always have the most confidence in everything I do or wear, but I know I’m good at stand up.

HUNGRY. I’ve been hungry since I moved to New York.

LOL. Spoken like a true artist. But it’s all worth it correct? 

Here is a typical day for me: I get up to my last alarm, coffee, train ride, tweet, work, check IG, emails, work, emails, work, coffee, tweet, YouTube write, write, write, check IG, train ride, tweet,open mic, train ride, check IG, do a show, train ride, hang at a show,  train ride meet up with someone for a nightcap, train ride, home, shower, sleeeep and dream about tweets about riding the train.

Geez! Sounds like a packed schedule. So no time for dating I suppose? If you were to ask a girl out how would you go about it?

My best pick up line is: “Do you hate ISIS? Wow me too, we have so much in common.” I’m always trying to make people laugh. I’ve had some great people tell me they believe in me. I’ve also had some maniacs believe in me too.

Some people have boring lives with jobs they hate living in cities they were born in and will never leave. I get to have really cool experiences, chase a dream and live in a windowless room in Brooklyn I pay too much for…

But in all seriousness, my friends are some of the funniest people I’ve met.  They’re probably the best part of what I do.

What have been some highlights of your career or memorable moments?

The feeling of doing a really good show never gets old.

“I’ll never forget the feeling of driving home from a contest I won with a trophy on my passenger seat listening to music loud with the windows down.”

My first headlining gig at Carolines on Broadway was special. My mom and aunt came along with my girlfriend at the time and her family. Driving around the Midwest from club to club by myself for weeks on the road doing comedy when I was early in my career was fun.

Comedy in New York can be really hard. The first time I went out of town for a show after I had been living here for a while and I  saw how much I had progressed felt great.

Who would you like to work with and who inspires you?

I’ve loved everything Jody Hill and Danny Mcbride have done. I’d really love to work with them someday. Tom Segura is one of my favorite comics so the chance to work with him or Burt Crystals would be unreal. There is a skateboarder I follow on Instagram named Spencer Barton who makes crazy good videos. It would be cool to work with Dave Chappelle, but I’d really like to just make him laugh once.

I’ve always related to Marc Maron a lot. When I moved to New York I had a great interaction with him during a rough first few weeks living in the city. (You can find it on Youtube). I like anybody who can show that if it’s funny it’s funny that’s why I like Dave Chappelle and Tom Segura. I also really like Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer. They get in trouble for some of the jokes they make, but they’re willing to risk it for the laugh and to push the boundaries. I remember watching Daniel Tosh and thinking I’ll never be able to be that funny. I probably won’t be, but it’s nice to have something to strive for.

Matt Bachus is a stand-up comedian originally from Indianapolis currently living in New York City. Matt has appeared in the Limestone,10,000 laughs, and SLO comedy festivals. In 2017 Matt headlined Carolines as part of their Breakout artist series. Matt is a regular performer at Carolines on Broadway, Stand Up New York and hosts a comedy/finance podcast called Hold My bread.

To stay up to date with Matt’s journey visit his website, and follow him on Twitter or Instagram.


Saturday, July 22 2023

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