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Interview with Founders of Fika Experiential Events Group

Remember when everyone was talking about having a kiki? Well kiki just got an upgrade! Welcome Fika! The word fika comes from the Swedish tradition of gathering with friends to have a coffee, take a moment, and appreciate the good things in life.

I’ll have one a day please. Gras.

Thanks to a couple business savvy Miami locals, you don’t have to travel to Sweden to get our fika fix! Christine Archilla and Jessica Escobar are the founders of the experiential group Fika. The group aims to fosters authentic connections by producing impactful experiences and curated events.


“We all need a little fika in our lives.” – Fika Founders Christine and Jessica

Jessica + Christine

The two friends turned business partners just wrapped up their first Style Swap at All Day cafe in downtown Miami. About 45 attendees came out to exchange clothes they no longer wear with each other. Multiple attendee’s commented on the Fika Instagram giving feedback on the experience calling it “incredible.”

The dynamic duo partnered with sustainable beauty product maker Acure, family owned organic yoga supplier, Treelance Yoga, and several others to pull off the well organized social. Attendees left with goodies, new outfits, and a natural high from having spent $0 dollars after an afternoon of shopping.

Singer Faith Sullivan with Dynamo, founder of goal setting group Axen Club, wearing a shawl she picked up at the Fika Style Swap

Swaps of this kind have been gaining popularity in cities across the United States as people become more aware of the detriments of fast fashion and it’s impact to the world. “We both love our planet and showcasing sustainability in this event and giving back to our community was our goal,” said Christine. Giving back is a key element that Fika incorporates into the events they produce.

All of the clothes that were left over got donated to the Lotus House, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children. They provide sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to heal, learn, grow and blossom into who they are truly meant to be. Fika also collected items from the Lotus House wish list like deodorants, razors and sanitary napkins.

“We want to work with people and brands that align with our values.” – Christine

78% of the largest generation in the United States prefer to spend their money on experiences not things. Brands that want to tap into this experiential economy can work with Fika to “see the impact of what authentic connections really create” and then “channel that through their marketing strategies” said Jessica. She continued to say that they want to meet local entrepreneurs and work with them “to produce experiences, and connect them with the people that live here.”

Fika is on the right track as Miami is the top city for small business growth according to this 2019 Forbes article. Christine and Jessica chatted with me about the inspiration for their business, how they feel about the success of their Style Swap, all things Miami, and what they have planned for the future.

How did Fika come to be?

Fika came to life through lots of caffeinated conversations about life. The idea sprung up mutually at the right moment. We both felt spiritually stuck, working on projects that brought no meaning to our professional and personal lives. We instantly connected with the same vision of starting our own thing where we can work with brands and clients we believe in, fulfilling our creative ideas and helping their missions through innovative event concepts while also giving back to the community and local organizations we love.

Let’s talk about the Style Swap. What inspired you to do the event?

Christine: Style Swap was created to bring a fun and different way of sustainably shopping in our community. I’ve attended one previously in Miami and was in awe of how great the impact one can have by simply swapping out clothes and giving it new life. The inspiration sprung from our experience. We both love producing events as much as we love attending them. Our mission is to produce authentic and inspiring events that we ourselves would love and thus, Style Swap!

Miami local at Fika Style Swap

You both are very fashionable ladies, what do you enjoy about swapping, and what fashion tips can you share?

Jessica: Learning about sustainable fashion! It’s a whole movement! I love seeing the thrill of people finding and trying on pieces they swapped. People coming together to support sustainability by leaving with a new wardrobe, I mean how cool is that.  

Christine: My tip on style is to wear whatever you want. It’s tough to live in a society where people are constantly judged and laughed at for the choices they make. Come on guys, it’s 2019 , we should be better than that. I like to find cool pieces when I travel and typically shop on a low budget. It also depends on my mood but I’m all about dressing up with funky accessories and comfy shoes! Anthropologie sales section is life.

Miami is a fashionable place, do you think swaps will take off?

Christine: We’re both beyond happy on how our first Style Swap turned out. We want to create more unique community focused events.

Jessica: After all the positive feedback, we will definitely need a larger space so we can accommodate more people and clothes. We have some fun ideas boiling for the next Style Swap.

YouTube influencer Courtney Val wearing a dress from Fika Style Swap

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working on Fika?

Christine: I love to cook, especially for friends and family! I usually take advantage of the weekends to test cool recipes and make things like homemade pasta, fresh ceviche or bao buns. Going to the park with my pups and getting fresh air is always a great thing to do to escape crazy moments in the week. Just like traveling. Anytime I can explore a new city and disconnect it always helps freshen up my mind and soul. Favorite Miami spots are definitely cool coffee shops like All Day or OTL where I can have some awesome conversations or just work on projects. 

Jessica: I am a travel and concert junkie! I love to run outdoors it’s my kind of therapy. Rooftops & brunch places are my weakness. Family first before everything!! I strongly believe in making memories with family.

Any last words of wisdom, favorite quotes or mottos for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Christine: A couple of years ago, someone once told me “If it doesn’t make you say hell yeah, then don’t do it”. I think this thought process can apply in so many aspects of your life and can only help guide you to a life you truly love and are excited for. 

Jessica: Be deliberate. Be you and whatever you do, do it with love. If not now, when? 

“Authenticity is real, inclusive, impactful and beyond the IG walls. We believe in this work and we put our all into it. Connection is about going beyond small talk and cliques. We’re both about being open, motivating, and building relationships – and that’s exactly what Fika will continue to do in the future.”

Christine is a creative Strategy Logistics Guru with a side of graphic design & storytelling. She comes from a professional background of experiential marketing, working unique events and festivals worldwide. Food and film are her lifelong passions.

Jessica is an Experiential Imaginative Marketer with a side of storytelling & ethos photography. Her background includes experiential marketing and working unique events. Her lifelong passions are photography, music and travel.

To learn more about Fika visit them on the web, or watch their journey on Instagram.


Thursday, September 5 2019

Stop shopping and start swapping! Join Venture Cafe Miami for a fun night, and get your sustainable fashion fix! Poshmark stylist Avni Parekh will be onsite styling and donations for the Lotus House will be accepted! RSVP on Eventbrite.

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