Out With The Old,In With The Reused!

Why you need to thrift online in 2019

Photo by Adrienne Leonard on Unsplash

Any of these New Years resolutions apply to you?

  1. Clean out your closet

  2. Spend less

  3. Save more

  4. Look amazing

  5. Have fun?

Why not tackle all at once by starting to thrift online. The first step to thrifting online involves cleaning out your closet. You’ll want to make three piles: sell, donate, and throw away. Throwaways are anything that is stained or ripped. Donation items can be lightly faded, or items that don’t fit you anymore.

Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash

Take your sell pile and photograph everything. You can do this on the hanger, or in front of a mirror. Make sure everything is steamed and looks nice. These days you can choose from a few options, my personal favorite is the digital marketplace called Poshmark, but you have other options like Depop, E-bay of course, and even Instagram these days is used for this type of commerce.

I have personally been a member of Poshmark since 2013 I like that they allow you to set your own prices, and it’s very easy to use. Whatever platform you decide on, upload your photos and see what happens! You’ll be surprised how many people are buying used clothing online, and how easy it is to make money right from home. You can even have the post office deliver all of your supplies to ship to your house, and pick up the packages when they are ready to go.

Thrift shopping is on the rise across the world, with a community of people getting onboard. If you don’t have much to sell, consider shopping used clothes online the next time you need something. It’s a great way to save money and find unique or hard to find items. Often I have found clothes for sale that have sold out at the retailer, some never worn – essentially brand new. Local shops are even starting to offer items on their websites thanks to online website builders like Square Space, Shopify, and Wix making it easy to upload items to a store in real time.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to get started or meet other people that enjoy shopping online check out these series of events being hosted by Poshmark across the USA. You can meet experts from their team, mingle with other fashion enthusiasts, and learn tips and tricks to building your online closet!

Shameless plug: Use code THREADFLIP if you sign up for a Poshmark account, and you and I will both get a $5 credit to spend!


Tuesday, January 8 2019

Posh Party LIVE is an event series hosted by Poshmark that tours across the U.S. Each event gives the Poshmark community the opportunity to network with local Poshers, mingle with Team Posh, and learn tips and tricks to level-up their closet game.    

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