All Love atPoshmarkLive Miami


Poshmark, a digital marketplace allowing anyone in the USA to buy and sell clothes from their phone, landed in downtown this week for Miami Live. From its killer location to the tasty bites that were served, Posh Party LIVE Miami truly lived up to its hype.

Hosted by the incredibly upbeat Poshmark Ambassador Team, the evening kicked off at 6 o’clock pm with a meet & greet connecting Poshmark sellers and users also known as ‘Poshers’ from all over town. Thankfully traffic wasn’t bad, and the Kimpton Epic Hotel is an easy walk from the metro mover for those that chose that route!


To help break the ice, there was a chic photo-booth accompanied by fun fashion inspired props for guests to capture the moment for the ‘gram. Guests mingled over cocktails while snapping photos of themselves and each other.

There was even a section of the room designated for Closet Consultations, where veteran Poshmark sellers analyze the profiles of up and coming Poshers and offer mentorship and advice on improving their online closet. A big part of making sales on the digital marketplace is having high quality, compelling, images of the items that you have for sale.

Venturing into the main room you’d see a variety of women (and men) from various professional backgrounds and ethnicities which always sparks opportunity for riveting conversation. Usually, at events, the VIP guests of honor are sitting reclusively at an untouchable exclusive table on the side. But not at Posh Party LIVE! The event panelists were seated in the midst of the crowd and made their expertise and wisdom accessible to anyone willing to ask. This made them much more approachable once the panel was over and listeners came up to them with follow up questions.

The event ended with a lovely group photo with everyone in attendance squeezing in with the guest panelists. At the end of the day whether you’ve been selling for five years or five minutes this event proved that there’s room for everybody in the Poshmark family.

Enjoy some photos from the event below, and see the full album here.