5 Must KnowBeauty TipsFrom A Miami Goddess

Zal, CEO of Wise Roots Living Shares her Secrets

Allow me to introduce Zaliris Pasztor. Or, since I clearly like to keep things simple when it comes to names, just call her Zal.

Zal bathing in flowers at the Standard in Miami, typical goddess activity. <3


Zal is an artist, an entrepreneur, a model, a wife, and a healer by nature. She spent four years, building, testing, and last year launched the pure and holistic skincare brand known as Wise Roots Living. I sat down with her for a Couch Conversation and got what I like to call, a good ole fashion KD (knowledge drop). Here are some of the key takeaways:

Numero Uno: Oil is your friend.

Yup. Apparently, we’ve been lied to. According to Zal all of the oil stripping products on the market are actually wreaking havoc on our skin. Skin, our bodies largest organ, needs oil to be healthy. Sure some oils can be no bueno, but its all about the types of oil that we use and where.

Numero Dos: Red Rasberry Leaves.

AKA your periods worst enemy. Or if you’re a guy, what you need to give the females in your life when they complain about cramps. This plant can seriously reduce pain during that time of the month, and also has been shown to help with reproductive health for those that are expecting, or planning to one day be expecting!

Numero Tres: Water is not necessary.

Of course yes, drinking water is super important, but having H2O present in our skincare products, is just a filler! That’s correct, we’ve literally been buying water disguised as a beauty product. 😳 Wise Roots Living products are made with no water! Which also means no need for preservatives, so no bacteria grows, and no emulsifiers! Sidenote, I don’t exactly know what an emulsifier is, but I’m sure if I google image searched, it would look something like the “slime” my niece is obsessed with making. GROSS.

Numero Cuatro: It’s about a ritual. Not a routine!

Ok, now me, being a die-hard fan of my “morning routine”, I was a little skeptical about this one. But after Zal explained it to me I’m totally on board. I mean even the word “routine” sounds boring compared to “ritual” which sounds so much more in-depth, and truly what I’m seeking. For me it is key to start my day with these 5 simple steps, it makes such a huge difference in my mood, and I like the idea of having mini versions of that, within behaviors I do already, like washing my face. #woosah

Numero Cinco: It’s whats inside that counts.

Zals last beauty tip is about embracing your feminine energy. Accept your flaws, no one is perfect. Don’t compare yourself to others because you are what makes you beautiful. Zal lives by the mantra that when “women support other women, we can accomplish great things.” She practices this by hosting events like this one at the Freehand in Miami later this month!

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To learn more about Wise Roots Living check out their website! I’ve shared my favorite products from their collection below:

My faves:

Cafe Mistico Body Scrub. Smells like a god damn candy bar.

Bruja Blessings Face Serum. Liquid gold people. Use as a makeup base, or acne preventative.

Jade Gua Sha. I can’t pronounce it, but it’s my new “instant destress” tool.

Miracle Dust. The creamiest lotion your skin will ever touch. A little goes a long way.