Miami Fashion Designer Pushes New Limits

Inside my exclusive interview with Le'Adonis from Only L Boutique

If you want to see typical trends head to South Beach. If you’re looking for something outside the box, that pushes fashion to new limits, you have to see the creations coming out of Only L Boutique. I sat down with the founder for an exclusive interview as they prepare for their third fashion show.


I’ve started to ask everyone I interview this question because I find names so interesting and powerful. Is Le’Adonis your full real name, or your artist name? Do you know what your name means? 

Le’Adonis Ferguson, a name given to me by mother who I feel knew I was destined to be a household name. I have been creating art since elementary school. I started off with drawings and paintings. In 2007 I started creating jewelry pieces.

Wow, you’ve been working on the business for quite some time. Congratulations on all of your success so far. What have been some challenges along the way?

Some challenges I’ve faced include negativity from fellow jewelry creators, which reassured me that I was doing something great. People don’t have adverse feelings towards an artist they feel aren’t better than they are. This has kept me humble and encouraged me to continue learning, embracing other creators, and perfecting my craft.

That’s beautiful. I’m really looking forward to experiencing your show for my first time. I hear they are over the top! How do you do it? Where does your inspiration come from?

I am inspired by everything different. If it’s bold, colorful, and unique it inspires me. My Jewelry Fashion shows are always memorable moments for me. A highlight in my career was when I saw my creations featured on three episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Also when I was able to give Rihanna a custom ring and have a small cameo in the Wild Thoughts Video.

Are you trying to say that I inspire you?🤓 Haha I kid, I kid. Going back to your past experiences. What piece of advice would you give to up and coming designers, what skills do they need to make it?!

My one piece of advice would be to never succumb to negativity, whether its self-doubt or the word of others! The only skill you need is the willingness to learn. If you are willing to learn, you can accomplish anything. Especially become a fashion designer.

That’s great to hear. Especially being here in Miami where we do have an active fashion scene. How would you describe the Miami fashion scene and what are you most excited about when it comes to the future of Miami fashion?

The Miami fashion scene is free, colorful, and cultural, and what excites me most about the Miami fashion scene is the variety of cultures that influence Miami Fashion. We have so many different people from all over the world settling in one place and they bring the fabrics, textiles, beads, and relics of their home countries with them.

So true. it’s an amazing time to be in Miami. What is your prediction for the biggest jewelry trend that we will see in 2019? 

The biggest jewelry and accessory trend we will see in 2019 is handcrafted details. Regardless if it’s intricate beading, painted accessories or woven designs, 2019 will be the year of the details.

I totally agree with you! I actually noticed that as well while covering eMerge earlier this year. It’s all about the details. Wrapping up, tell me about your upcoming show, and how would someone get to be cast to be in one of your future shows?

Seduction is my third annual show. As an African-American designer with a Caribbean heritage, I try to make sure my show takes place in historically black or Caribbean areas in South Florida. When people wear my jewels, I want them to feel tantalizing and like royalty. They should feel like they can have anything they want and that everyone wants them which is why I named the show Seduction. It is very important to honor my heritage and to continue to inspire people of color that it is possible to become successful with hard work and dedication. As a bold and unique brand, the only thing I look for in casting models is confidence. I love upbeat personalities and high self-esteem on my runway. I want my show to be the most inclusive show in South Florida and truly reflect the cultural melting pot that is Miami.


You can shop the Le’Adonis collection on his website. Follow him on Instagram for the latest, and grab tickets to the Seduction fashion show here.


August 5 - August 5 2018

Seduction is a fashion extravaganza that will take over all aspects of your mind featuring the custom jewels and wearable art of Le’Adonis Ferguson, the creative mind behind ONLY Le’Adonis and ONLY L Boutique.

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