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By Jeannie Fernandez


Taking after the synonymous to global dance music term, Keep It Deep, first rolled into the local party scene in March 2012 during Winter Music Conference. Produced by Miami native, Sandra Garcia with the musical stylings of Ben DeL SoL on deck. Keep It Deep has a new permanent home for underground of quality house music at Kill Your Idol, a Miami Beach venue with a rich history of contributing to shaping the global dance music scene.

Since its inception, Keep It Deep has presented DJs from around the world who have taken house heads on a musical journey through the “deep” sound. We sat down with Sandra to get the scoop on what to expect for this Saturday’s party:

Welcome to Tropicult. We’re excited to hear about the party. What kind of vibe can our readers expect at Keep It Deep?

At Keep It Deep, we’re creating an outlet based on a communal love for house music; the type of house music that’s created based on feelings, culture, and an embrace for one another. You wear your sneakers or heels, you are greeted by familiar faces and dance all night to the music that . . . I know it’s a cliché line (Sandra laughs) but it really does moves your ‘mind, body and soul.’

Haha, I feel you. But for those that don’t know . . . Can you be a little more specific on the sound?

Well for those that haven’t listened to one of our sets, Ben describes his sound as ‘a refreshing musical journey into the realms of deep, soulful house music accompanied by vocals and percussive tracks.’

To give our readers a taste of what to expect musically, what are three tracks are on yours and Ben’s circulating playlist?

Ben’s list:

Tldreamz feat. DJeff – Undi Da Ki Panha Manchildblack – Amazing (Libation Vocal) 
Elements of Life Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine) Roots Vocal

Sandy’s List:

David Morales feat Janice Robinson – There Must Be Love
Louie Vega with Adeva – I Deserve To Breathe
Neal Conway Feat Dana Weaver – Fading Away (DJ Spinna Remix)

How did you guys meet and start working together?

We met at the Pre-WMC SunRise Sessions on the C-Level Rooftop of the Clevelander, back in March 2011. I had heard of Ben Del Sol prior to our meeting at this party. We vibed well & went on to work together on several occasions at C-Level, as well as Haven. When “Keep It Deep” WMC Closing Party was born in 2012, he was part of a stellar line-up. In 2015, we moved the closing party to Kill Your Idol and it was amazing! So, when the opportunity came to make Keep It Deep a monthly, it was only natural to ask Ben to be my resident DJ. We communicate well & do this from a place of joy & happiness, which I believe is what our guests feel when they walk through the door.

What is the inspiration behind Keep It Deep?

The inspiration behind Keep It Deep is to build on the success of the WMC Closing party. It also comes from wanting to have an outlet for Soulful House/Global Dance Music. We are recreating an outlet of the culture that was established by Carmel Ophir at the Vagabond, as well as a weekly party you may remember called Oasis, that happened weekly at Purdy Lounge.

Where is the party and what do you like about the venue that caters to the crowd?

We are happy to have found a home at Kill Your Idol.

The energy is wonderful, the staff is extended family. We are lucky to be working with Travis Carey, previously the GM for The Vagabond, Holly Peno as our bartender with Punk Rock Chris & Matt Choufany. The sound system is spectacular and Kill Your Idol has a happy hour daily from 8-10pm prior to our party, where you can buy premium drinks for half price, which is unheard of in South Beach.

What do you have going on at this Saturday’s Keep It Deep?

This Saturday, Keep it Deep is teaming up with Chicago-based DJ Julius The Mad Thinker to bring the annual ‘Mi Casa Holiday Send-off.” Mi Casa Holiday is a gathering that happens annually at Playa del Carmen. The creator, Julius The Mad Thinker, has always had a special place in his heart for the Miami House Scene. “The Winter Music conference has helped me develop a friendship with the locals and nothing makes me happier than playing for this crowd.”

Photography By Power Quevedo

Next up Saturday, October 3rd Keep It Deep: Mi Casa Holiday Send Off at Kill Your Idol. More parties