Sound of The Underground:EDWARD[Miami Debut]

Living in Miami it’s very easy to overlook great events because lets face it…there’s too much shit to do!  Yet through all the noise you will sooner than later find quality music to stimulate your senses.  Well I’m very pleased to present a real treat for those of you who like to stay in the know.  Hailing from Berlin, Germany and coming to the Bermuda Triangle for the first time is Edward.  I got the chance to ask him a few questions for his upcoming debut October 1st and I can tell you this, it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve heard.  More or less than your average social gathering…

Edward, welcome to Miami!  What interests you most about playing in the Magic City?

Hey, thanks! It’s my first time in Miami and like every other city, I’m very curious about the crowd. In every place there is a different vibe and appreciation for music.  There are always certain challenges as a DJ in a new city.

I’ve personally never been to Germany, let alone experienced Berlin’s famous clubs.  How would you describe the scene in your hometown, what makes it so unique?

I guess the absence of a curfew is a very big influence on the parties, especially in Berlin. If a club doesn’t close at any specific time, the normal primetime is not the big focus. People wonder what happens after the moments where everybody was screaming and shouting. Parties can get very introspective after a certain time.

Resident Advisor named Giegling label of the year 2014, I imagine you did your fair share of work for that to happen. How has the increasing attention affected you both personally and artistically?

On the artistic side, I now am incredibly lucky to have more gigs and remix offers than I could ever imagine.  On the production side, I became more confident in my work.  Personally I’m just very happy that all this hard work and struggle paid off.

How did you get into producing music? What’s your creative approach?

When I started DJing at 14 years old, I played more ’70s and ’80s funk, soul, jazz, disco…  When I started producing at 19 I already had a record collection.  I think I tried to translate the moments I loved, no matter what kind of genre, into electronic music. And I guess I still do.

It feels like an increasing number of acts are booked based on their productions rather than their skills as a DJ. What makes a good DJ for you, where do you like to be taken as a listener?

It’s all about the journey. I don’t care a lot about mixing skills or what kind of gear is involved as long it’s a great journey.  It tells me something about the spirit of the soul that is playing music in front of me.

With that said, what do you have up your sleeves for your Miami debut?

Music that moves me and hopefully speaks to you too.

More or less than your average social gathering…

Edward will be making his debut at Bardot on Thursday, October 1. Check out the event details and make sure to grab your tickets!!!