FIU’s College Radio StationWRPGGets New Look

Finalwavenonitalic4-webBy Amanda Rabines (Guest)

After years of having a small green radiation symbol represent Florida International University’s College Radio Station, WRPG – Radiate FM, the station has decided to give itself a completely new name and look.

As of today, the radio station South Florida has come to know for playing local artists and underground music, will be called WRGP and as a result will throw out any remaining radiate names, labels and hazardous sign stickers.  

Sheyla Marimon, the radio station’s general manager, said the rebranding better suits the station and it’s overall vision –a radio station up-to-par with the times.

“We’re always trying to do the best we can, always re-doing ourselves, and keeping up with our listeners,” said Marimon, a senior at FIU studying philosophy and political science. “We’re expecting the re-brand to tie us into the FIU community and we also hope it’ll tap us into a whole new listenership around Miami, one that maybe we haven’t really tapped into before.”

The station has been active for over two decades and during its life span, listeners have tuned in, to now 95.3 FM, with the trust to hear original mixes and playlists by college student DJs.

Christopher Quintana, the station’s promotions director, helped bring about the re-branding idea, which first was first discussed last year in August.

“For a while, since I had joined, I wasn’t a fan of the initial branding,” said Quintina. “Last semester Sheyla and I were working on t-shirt designs and as soon as that happened the conversation about the rebranding towards something more flexible started going.”

Marimon says the re-branding promotes a new start to a fresh year.

“We’re expecting new listeners to tune into WRGP and we’re pretty sure they’re going to be happy with the design,” said Marimon, who considers the station as more than just a job but a home.

It has over an 80 person staff and for 26 years has served as a place to talk, unwind and think of music.

“WRGP has a way of becoming a family,” said Marimon. “Anyone that is hired at the radio quickly makes it their most prominent involvement. It’s really more than a place of employment it’s a place of friendship.”

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