A Tuesday Evening @ Cafe Babbo

"Till Tuesdays" Gang Hits Cafe Babbo

By @SavorySinderella
Deep within Wynwood’s concrete landscape, you can find the warmth of Cafe Babbo (NW 25th Street). 

We had the pleasure of dining at Cafe Babbo and sharing a meal with some of Miami’s finest on a typical Tuesday. Babbo’s owner, Antonio Chia initiated our newly formed “Til Tuesdays” Gang (formed by Miami’s John Hood) with one hell of a pizza party!

As we sat at the communal table, whimsically set with candles and mix-matched chairs, exchanging stories and sharing wine; I realized I forgot to do my usual due diligence [researching the sh*t out of the restaurantonline]. Refreshingly, I came with an open mind, and an empty stomach and gazed with excitement as Chia got the party started with generously topped, thick-cut bruschetta and a healthy array of meats and cheeses.

We then feasted on a medley of pizzas including a new favorite, the “breakfast pizza” adorned with bacon and eggs ( seriously the perfect hangover food). All paired with Chia’s wine bottled at his family owned Castello Romitorio in Montalcino. Several glasses of wine later, we rounded out the bountiful evening with a simple, but tasty Nutella pizza.

Although the food is delicious, it’s Cafe Babbo’s eclectic charm, Chia’s hospitality, and the story within each wine glass that will keep you coming back. I left with a full belly and new favorite in Wynwood. A special thanks to Cafe Babbo, Antonio Chia, John Hood, and the “Til Tuesdays” for the lovely evening.

Videographer CabbaBlee