A Story of Everglades Preservation & Cultural Advancement

By Bes Films

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The film takes you on a journey through Everglades National Park and tells the story of a tribe matriarch, ReneéManyari, who uses the history and culture of the Miccosukee to instill in the youngest generation the necessary knowledge to further the legacy of this great tribal nation. It’s discusses environmental awareness for Everglades preservation. In a testament to cultural advancement,  the film showcases the Miccosukee Fashion show, depicting original patchwork clothing by Manyari.


We’re really quite excited about the prospect of our local Native American brothers of the Miccosukee tribe sharing their vision and stories with other tribes around North America, and even more excited they chose us to help them bring those stories to life. We look forward to hearing back from all the festivals and even visiting a few to see the live screenings of our beautiful “Kahayatle”; our first official narrative release since we launched in 2012. Among these include the Santa Fe Indian Market SWAIA which sets the precedent for contemporary Native American Art. We are so proud to announce that our film has returned with it’s first official laurel and top honor for festival in the Narrative Film category with the Judge’s Choice award.


This film marks our first released narrative venture since our initial batch of narrative favorites like “Presents”. It also hails the second film festival award granted to a BES Films production after our narrative short horror story “Night Fables”. The success of Kahayatle rings close to the heart for BES Films as well because it’s a concept that we were approached with and given the reign over to adapt and showcase as we interpreted it. Writer Daphne Cayo and Producer Houston Cypress approached us with this wonderful concept, and message they wanted to share and allowed us to explore creatively all the avenues that make this short film what it is. As we continue to take our talents forward and collaborate with local communities and companies we look forward to continuing to showcase all that make these compelling entities so special and bringing to light the full spectrum of Miami’s diverse artistic and cultural community.