From Mannheimto Miami

Cocoon @ Space Miami

By John Anthony Ruiz

Together Gipsy, Space Miami & Un_mute just upped the anti on what a night out in Miami can actually be.  If you been on any dance floor here then you’ve shared those priceless moments of having to maneuver through a crowd. You’ve just bought drinks, and you’re making your way back to your friends in an interesting bounce shuffle; bulldozing through costumed dancers is just outright impolite. Yet on this particular night somewhere between the empty space of sound and light you would find yourself unable to question the events taking place around you. The allure of darkness was expertly crafted by Gipsy, the warlocks behind the stunning performance that was as much about the sensory experience as the music being played by none other than the Grandfather of Techno, Sven Väth.

Due to high demand, Cocoon Halloween party was moved to Space on the promise of a monumental transformation. On any given Saturday you know if you want to highten your music tastes, all while having a good time, you go to Space.  But this wasn’t just ANY given night, it was a Halloween friday performance with sweet vinyl sets and trippy visuals to satisfy even the most seasoned club goers.  Space, with word of the venue change, masterfully implemented new speakers truly fulfilling the cocoon required sound of Euro super clubs. Standing in the middle of the crowd one could really hear the difference of crisp highs and lows filling the full range of sound compelling the audience to feel that they were actually enclosed in a cocoon.

Openers Valentino Kanzyani, Martinez, and Roustam set the tone early on. The beloved Techno Loft was bouncing more than ever as people happily awaited the main event.  It was there where you could get glimpses of what awaited you later on for Väth’s set. Once he began, it was a journey through all types of Minimal, Tech House and raw Hard Techno creating a story that at times made you realize just how detrimental categorizing music can be. Väth broke ground in may ways as he proved that while producing music is important, being a good DJ really allows you to stand out.  Although his style of mixing can be very experimental at times, he still manages to always keep your attention, breaking your conversations and even dance moves at times, forcing you to be present.

Thanks to Gipsy, we witnessed the single best delivery of cryo-spray on this side of the pond. It was somewhere near the end of his set before some eerie sensual Trance Tech where they synchronized each spray of nitrogen with his transition, eventually unloading into the crowd right as the next tune kicked in. Even the arrival of Audiofly with their rich, sexy, mechanical sounds was a great way to expand your music taste before taking in the sunrise. The whole event had a futuristic feel to it, making me consider whether this is the next step for Space. Now that they have an incredibly well-rounded sound its skies the limit for who and what they want to host and if they continue on this route, sooner rather than later this evolution of production will have set the precedence for what a good party can truly be. Gipsy, Space Miami & Un_mute you’ve raised the bar.