FALL Fashion Trends

By Natalie Caroline

I will call bullshit on any woman who challenges this well-known fact: It takes a serious amount of time and effort to always look my best, especially in a city like Miami. Never mind the hours spent on beauty, exercise and dieting. My main concern is the clothes I put on my back. What to wear to work, what to wear to happy hour, what to wear for a night out (don’t even get me started on dressing for a date).

Filtering through the endless fashion white noise to strike sartorial gold is a bitch, and not for everyone. That’s where I come in. I’ve got your Fall Season style trends covered with these current fashion obsessions.

Dark Florals028209a3d75a5b23dfafb4593bdb4cfc

One of the hallmark trends for this season is the dark, updated floral print. These are not your standard, Sunday-brunch florals.

Super elegant and evening appropriate, the new florals appear to have been animated, abstracted, distorted if you will, into beautiful pieces of art, definitely worthy of wearing to the upcoming Art Basel events.

tibi-prefall-14-9706_1 Statement Sweatshirts

The statement sweatshirt, executed by an array contemporary designers, is all over the fashion map. The Paris-based label Kenzo epitomizes the trend.

Perfect to throw on when running last minute errands, I promise that you will look infinitely more pulled-together in these super stylish sweats than in that ratty old hoodie. So step it up ladies!

 Sneakers with EVERYTHING

I caught my first glimpse of this now-widespread trend while perusing an issue of Bazaar. My initial reaction was that this fad would come and go. Sneakers paired with some of my finer pieces seemed like an ill-matched combination. BUT I caved and picked up a pair of black and white Nike’s.

Best choice ever made! I paired my new kicks with denim cut-offs and the above-referenced statement sweatshirt, and voilá!,I was converted. I even wear them to work with skinny jeans (Acne) and a structured blazer (Theory).

Just do it! Your feet will thank you.

 Cropped Top and Skirt cera_tuxedo_feather_cropped_top_2

The Latest Alternative to the Dress

I love my LBD. For nights out with my girls, my little black dress is my go-to look. But I want to switch it up a bit, so I’m seriously eyeing the cropped top plus high-waisted skirt ensemble.

The benefits to this look are endless:  You emphasize the smallest part of your waist in a super chic way, and you can catch a passing breeze during a night out in the Miami heat. Tibi, the New York based label by Amy Smilovic, a/k/a my favorite designer, does this combo best.

 Ice Blue Winter

And last but not least, I am seriously loving the little icy blue pops of color strewn through many a designer’s latest collections.  It works very well when combined with cool, neutral hues, (think black, grey, even navy) or with itself in a two-piece ensemble.

Avoid combining the hue with anything especially bright (like yellow) and/or warm (browns, greens), or you risk heading into overkill territory.

31462_10103219840231181_985426628_nNatalie Caroline: Aside from my genuine love for fashion, I have experience working with some of Miami’s most reputable boutiques. I have learned, and continue to learn, about the business of fashion from some of the most distinguished women of Miami’s fashion scene. I was featured in one of the very first issues of Teen Vogue (February/March 2003),for my “street style” (if you need something more concrete).

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