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We started 2014 with a fresh new look and layout for Tropicult.

Tune-in tomorrow morning to Lab Miami’s pFunkcast on to find out more about our new layout and features.

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Tuesday, January 9th 10-11am: 

Learn: YUVAL OFIR, Yo Miami/Yo Space

Join pFunkcast as we welcome Yuval Ofir- Founder of Yo-Miami and Yo Space to discuss how a mere love and passion for the arts, turned into a space and ecosystem for creative people to interact and share, in the interest of growing as a whole community.


CR_eate is a collaborative, idea-driven process which strives for simplicity, playfulness & craftsmanship- all home of the multidisciplinary work of Camilo Rojas.  Tune in as he tells his story of how he got started, his use of typography, and where he and his business is today.

Build: STEF VIDAL, Tropicult

Looking for the latest “happs” in  Miami’s art, music, film and fashion scene?  Well, Tropicult is the blog for you! pFunkcast is super pleased to be joined by Co-founder and Editor, Stef Vidal as she chats about Tropicult- how it all came to be and what impact it has made within our Miami community. Tune in!

LAB Report is a radio show and podcast that showcases the arts, education, entrepreneurship and technology communities in South Florida.Listeners will get the latest news and in-depth discussions with special guests on what’s happening around town. Hosted by pFunk Media’s Camila Souza and Pabla Ayala, the show aims to take innovation beyond LAB to a wider audience. Schedule: Tuesdays+Thursdays, 10-11AM. For show recordings, click here.