Take 5Short Film Competition

South Florida residents are invited to share what they love or dislike about Miami with the world using only a phone or tablet, for the chance to win $1,000. TAKE 5, a short film contest, presented by Billy Corben, director of Cocaine Cowboys and The U, alongside, Rakontur Films, FilmGate Interactive, and CreativGlu.

Cross-media is a new type of storytelling that combines multiple layers and social integration together, producing a meta-narrative structure bigger in sum then the components of its parts. Many call cross-media (also known as transmedia), the “format of formats” in order to produce a meta-narrative structure bigger in sum then the components of its parts.

Whether inspired by Miami’s sports, the arts, the diversity, the corruption, the criminals, or the lousy drivers, the Take 5 short film competition encourages the community to make Miami better by sharing their solution to fix or preserve what makes the city great. No need for a posh camera. Only cell phones or tablet cameras permitted.

Upload your film to YouTube and submit the URL link for a chance to be selected.

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