Atelier 1022Takes Basel

By Robert NevelPhotography By Najee Forbes.


Of course everyone knows Art Basel by the goliath tents set up in Wynwood and on the beach, and the massive gallery and warehouse takeovers that draw most of the crowds. However the small, personal galleries – the ones that rule the day during the monthly Wynwood Art Walk – worked just as hard this year. One of the most impressive was a modest gallery at the end of the NW 2nd Avenue strip  used for the Art Walk: Atelier 1022.


Featuring the drawings of gallery founder and artist Ellie Perla, her work is joined by the photographs of her daughter Susi Perla, her partner Carlos Rodriguez-Feo, and the elaborate hanging paper installations by daughter Carola Perla. It’s a family affair and everyone in this family just so happens to be incredibly talented artists. Even after a busy day and almost two hours walking around the Scope tent, Atelier 1022 was refreshing and inspiring. Boredom does not exist within its walls. And there were a few fresh pieces on display.

Susi Perla had a new photography series up called “Ballet Dissolved,” depicting ghostly ballerinas mid-dance. By removing color and highlighting other aspects, each image appeared to be dissolving in a beautiful way.


They were joined to the right by a collection of Carlos Rodriguez-Feo’s photographs, including the two new pieces Lake  and Reflection. Those too featured images in black and white that transport viewers to an alien yet strangely familiar world. However he used a different approach.

As he explained it, “The basic technique I used consisted of shooting on infrared film with an opaque 87 filter to block out the visible and UV electromagnetic spectra.  The infrared radiation is what gives the white trees.”

There were also relatively new pieces by Ellie Perla and Carola Perla.

“Holy Fatherhood,” the series by Ellie, “were of recognizable religious paintings and icons from the past, on which I substituted the faces, male with female and vice-versa.”


She also enhanced the beauty of each image with colored pencils and ink. The concept behind the series was that men are always portrayed in terms of sacrifice, and women in terms of parenthood. The images set out to challenge those preconceptions by using the altered Christian imagery.

At the far end of the gallery were intricately cut paper installations by author Carola Perla, based on her book Gibbin House and other works. Among them was a piece that won “Best in Show” at the “Paper Cuts” exhibit at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri. All of her work got passerby to stop and look, marveling at the level of detail in each one.

Atelier 1022 didn’t disappoint. They never do. This Saturday is their last Art Walk at their current location before moving to another space close by so be sure to stop by and check them out before they relocate. It’ll be worth it.

Atelier 1022 can be found (for now) at 2732 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33127