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BES Interview: Rooftop of GG’s studio
BES Interview: Rooftop of GG’s studio

In case you missed it: BES Films and local artist, Gabriel Gimenez aka GG, recently released a documentary on the blossoming Wynwood artist. BES co-founder and lead cinematographer, Raymond Linares, created a truly local experience that not only promotes GG’s artwork, but also exemplifies what makes Wynwood great.

“GG” came together in a very interesting way for us. Our social saucier, Melissa Gomez, happened to have a meeting with Gabriel Gimenez regarding a location for an unrelated project. Through their conversations the subject of BES Films came up. GG, intrigued by our visual style and one of Juan Amaya’s short films, decided to pay us a visit at our RAW showcase. At that event he got to see a broader breadth of what BES Films was capable of and offered us the opportunity to collaborate with him on a visual project focused on his work. The rest of course is history, but some history that we’re quite proud of.”

Last month, in front of an audience of artists, film enthusiasts, and members of the local community, GG and BES Films  premiered the documentary at The Lab’s monthly installment of Wynwood Windows, a showcase of local artists that provides a platform for exposure and sales of curated works.

“‘GG’ is a very exploratory project for us. We’ve never shot a piece on a subject that we didn’t completely know before. We were getting to know him with every shoot we scheduled, getting a more intimate understanding each time. Each shoot would inform the next, with new ideas coming all the time. I think it’s the most visually balanced project we’ve ever done at BES Films.”