The Drawing Room: Gustavo Oviedo


This Friday, September 13thThe Broken Shaker and Freehand Hotel present the third edition of The Drawing Room, a monthly event matching local artists with some of the top mixologist in the cocktail movement. This week, The Drawing Room will be exhibiting new works by Miami based artist (and Tropicult favorite), Gustavo Oviedo aka 131 and celebrating his latest limited edition Zine release.

The Drawing Room is a cohesive collaboration across two of Miami’s largest cultural platforms: art and mixology. Each month a Miami-based artist is invited to incorporate their work throughout the style and space of the Freehand Miami, indoor and out. Inspired by the artist’s artwork and pallet preference, The Broken Shaker creates a custom cocktail, intertwining the two crafts into one rousing escapade.

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Gustavo Oviedo aka 131 has been featured several times on Tropicult. Most recently for the 1-95 South exhibition still on display at the Art/Center on Lincoln Road. See: I-95 South: NYC x MIA. As you may or may not already know, 131 works with a variety of mediums including film, video, paint and aerosol and is inspired by a personal passion and deep love for the ocean and capturing and sharing his encounters with the water and wildlife within it. For this month’s installation of The Drawing Room, 131 will be showcasing three works including a sculptural piece and large scale painting collaboration. The works will be integrated into the outdoor garden area at The Freehand. 


During the event 131 will be projecting “South Florida Marine Life,” a video compilation of underwater footage of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and marine life filmed in 2012 throughout South Florida (Locations: Tortuga – Key Biscayne- Long Key – Biscayne Bay). Preview:

1:31 Vol.5

“The zine features photographs I took while I was going on these underwater documenting excursions. It also features some of my artwork during that time period (2012-2013) plus some by other artist that I’ve collaborated with. It’s a limited edition of 131 – one of five zines that I’ve completed and published.”

This month’s cocktail feature is directed by Gustavo Oviedo’s pallet and passion for the tropics and will be crafted by The Broken Shaker’s Robert Montero and will include hints of pineapple while not too sweet and just a touch of spice. Friday, September 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Freehand  MiamiRSVP: Facebook Event Page.

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