Behind The Music: Culture Prophet ‘Warlock’ EP

By Flor Frances


If you like to take strong and intense doses of electro-dementia funk you will certainly love Culture Prophet, the damaged electro-pop project from the strange mind of Michael Barksdale. Cradled from South Carolina, Culture Prophet releases ‘Warlock.

“Warlock” is Culture Prophets second EP and the first on King’s Head Records, a new electronic label base in Miami. This massive 4 track EP includes the powerful single ‘Colors Fading‘ which promises to enhance the lives of music lovers around the globe.

Culture Prophet began as an outlet for Michael Barkdale’s funkier inclinations. Starting in 2005, the project quickly took off with a funky, raw, and danceable sound. The band’s live sets are raucous, sonic slabs of sound that guarantee all-night dancing, drinking, and debauchery.

Dance to Colors Fading!

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