Interior Islands

By Robbie Nevel


A large screen on the opposite wall of the clean and high-end lobby of Miami’s South East Financial Center is most likely first thing one notices walking in. This past weekend it took a break from the commercial ads to screen Interior Islands, a video project created for DWNTWN Art DaysThe experimental short film was screening next to an AuBon Pain, an unusual setting for this style of art. Expressive and modern art doesn’t usually come with one’s morning coffee and croissant.

The 5 minute video by Miami-based artists Liz Ferrer and Brookhart Jonquil began with a few eery hovering lights in the background, reflecting off of dark rippling water. They slowly moved towards the camera to reveal two people holding a lantern in each hand. Things got strange.

The plot of the film is described as, “astronaut-conquistadors seek out an isolated jungle island between the shores of Miami Beach and the mainland with an intent to bring something back, but without knowing what.”

The random objects and pieces used in the film – which were largely unplanned – added a surrealism as a clear sheet was pulled out of light sand, or ghostly camerawork captured both artists dancing in unearthly ways around a fire. The lights of Miami flickered in the background from behind a canopy of trees.

Water, sand, and fire all worked together to make Interior Islands a haunting film collage. With the whole piece clocking in at five minutes, a stagnant feeling was avoided and instead the work flowed and kept viewers engaged.

Interior Island screens again in October for “Back of Beyond.” Curated by Jane Hart at Deering Estate .