Dopedoll ChroniclesLAW

By: Vanessa Haim Photography By: Casino Nelson Hair & Make-Up Styling By: Sabrina Bolanos 

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Meet Lauren Ann Wolfe – stylist, fashion editor, writer, seamstress moon child, and certainly a doll of many talents. With a fashion all of her own, you can find her in Miami’s Wynwood art district in the corner of a dark and romantically lit bar with flowers in her hair. She takes inspiration from her travels, experiences, and all things magical and weird. I had the opportunity to meet up with Lauren, freshly exhilarated from her trip to New York Fashion Week, and we took to the closet. Take a peek-into the world of L.A.W. x Dopedoll  in this exclusive Tropicult collaboration.

 Think Twice. Cut Once.

LAW x DOPEDOLL Exclusively for Tropicult

You can find Lauren’s creative talents on Chasseur Magazine as Art Editor, Raukus magazine as Junior Editor and Contributor to Slang Magazine, all digitally-based magazines, where she shares her offbeat, yet elegant work, that truly encompass L.A.W.’s unique style. There’s plenty more on the horizon for this doll, with an upcoming collection of galactic Spring skirts and the soon to be  launch of her L.A.W.  website. Via her site you will find, artist profiling and a platform for each artist showcased to be able to sell their work.

Name: Lauren Ann Wolfe

Location: I am not from around here

Occupation: Wizard, Witch, Fairy


Hobbies: Reading, french films, writing, the moon, Jazz, time warps, mother nature, tweeds, moss, wine, theater

Influences: Everything I have experienced

Wardrobe Item You Can’t Live Without: If it is in my wardrobe i would say it is because I couldn’t live without it at one point.


5 Artist/Songs On Your iPod: Eternally…Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and have recently fallen back into some good old Robert Johnson

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Behind The Scenes