MXYTSPLYK is a man. A man of small words. A man of no words.

A couple of years ago, when I first moved to the Design District/Wynwood area, the now demolished Chiquita Banana Plant (above) was still on NE 2nd and 33rd street. The plant particularly caught my eye because back then we were developing the “tropi” brand and banana’s were one of the symbols we initially used to associate it. As I got to know the locals, I discovered that the Chiquita Banana Plant I had my eyes on had been hit up by a local artist. I’ve gotten to know the artist and have been following his sketches, photography, and street art ever since.

And so, it is without further ado that I introduce to you MXYTSPLYK.

Enter MXYTSPLYK, Multiple Dade County Youth Fair 1st Place Ribbon Recipient, Artist and Master Illusionist.

It had been homegrown artist, MXYTSPLYK, that hit-up the Chiquita Banana plant in collaboration with MALARKEY, who he claims to be another Miami-based multimedia artist (but we suspect that is really his alter ego). The MXYTSPLYK vs MALARKEY artwork is presented there at the plant and throughout the city in various forms, tangible and otherwise.


MXYTSPLYK’s latest artwork is a series is inspired by Garbage Pail Kids (also known as “Basuritas” to those of us who grew up in Latin America). The series of trading cards, produced by the Topps Company and originally released in 1985, were designed to parody the then popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

willy copy

“Willy Wynwood lost everything he ever loved.” >

gnarly copy< “Gnarly Charlie could not control his minds eye.”

sancoma copy

“Alouishous San Gomma flew too high like Icarus.” >

bang copy< “Shitty Shitty Bang Bang can and will cut a baby.”

micks copy“Mick Split torn by demons chooses enlightenment.” >

Similarly to the sticker cards created of the Garbage Pail Kid characters, MXYTSPLYK’s series also has comical abnormality, deformity and/or suffering a terrible fate, with a humorous, word play-rich character name.

MXYTSPLYK 12″x18″ High Quality Signed Prints. $15.00 + FREE SHIPPING > Purchase Here <





MXYTSPLYK is a spy and a collector of intellectual property.

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And so the city waits as MXYTSPLYK schemes and soon the love of this arrogant twat will be pretentiously spewed over the senses…