The Go! Shop @ Wynwood Walls


GO! STICKER celebrates the art form of stickers by showcasing the  greatest sticker artists of all time. GO! STICKER is the first installment of the GO! SHOW, a series of special collaborative projects and exhibitions at the Wynwood Walls showcasing the growing and evolving global street art culture.

Stickers are receiving more attention as an artistic phenomenon similar to other forms of subversive and/or mass produced art – graffiti, posters and internet culture, stickers often promote and/or comment on a particular political agenda. Sticker art (also known as sticker bombing, sticker slapping, slap tagging and sticker tagging) is a form of street art in which a message is publicly displayed using stickers.

7bb1540676e111e28eb922000a1fbc88_6For some time now GO! STICKER curator Bomit has featuring stickers by street artist from all over the world his online sticker shop. Bomit also has initiated a sticker distribution organization of sorts that allows an artist to get featured on FreeStickers.org when they send a package with tons of dope stickers.

Buy Sticker Packs to show your support! A totally random mix of stickers that we have in stock at the moment. You pay shipping & handling. Do not email about specific stickers because the inventory changes constantly. Every pack is different. Don’t worry, we would never send lame stickers.

Recently, he published “Sticker Artists” a 34-page book featuring 100 artists’ work from the streets. That being said, it seems almost natural that he would be curating GO! STICKER – a large scale sticker installation featuring local, national and international artist, including the likes of Invader and Shepard Fairy.

GO! STICKER is also a sticker fair of sorts from which stickers may be purchased by the gram with special programming inspired by the art of the sticker. Featured stickers range from hand-drawn on postage labels to stenciled or screen-printed. Surely, as the stickers made their way around the world – from one cultural context to another, their meanings continuing to morph but ultimately always in support of the art of the sticker.

Some of our favorite snaps from opening night…

THE GO! SHOP FEB 14-18 | Daily 10-10 | FEB 19-28: Thursday-Saturday

FEATURED ARTIST Abcnt | Abe Lincoln Jr. | Above | Ader | ASVP | Baser | Biafra | Big Dar | Bob Will Reign | BKC | BNE | Branded | Bride Campaign | Broker | Burner| Bust Art | Bytedust | Cahbasm | Cash4 | Ceito – CATV | Chopstick Charlie | Crimson Cisa | Cryptik | Curly | D*Face | Darkclouds | Ebenholz | Egads | Ekser | Elle | El Toro | Errand Boy | Evil Design – MCA | Evoker | Face | Faust / RIP Sure | Faux Boy | Feeceez | Feln | Flying Fortress | Four Five Fiver | Freaq | GATS | Goons | Graff Face | Guess | Haeler| Jesus Saves | John 416 | Josh? | Juice | KA | Katsu | Kerse | KetzaKosbeCosbe | Krsna – Dint Wooer | London Police | Lousy | Love Me | Matt Siren | Maus | Mittenimwald | MQ | Mr. Say | MTK | Nerd | Noke | Noxin | Obese | OBEY | Os Gemeos | Overconsumer | Plantrees | Ras Terms | Rednose Tazz | Remio | Restitution Press | Robots Will Kill | Rombos | Rotting Fresh | Royce Bannon | RX Skulls | Septerhed | SHT! | SKAM | Skullphone | Smart Crew | Soup | Super Fat Cat | Swampy – Swamp Donkey | T$F – The $tatus Faction | Tange | Tiki Jay | Twist – Barry McGee | Under Water Pirates | Visual Narcotics:20mg | Wisher | Wolf