'Modernage' Returns

Interview + Single Release

A couple of weeks ago we reposted “It’s Never Easy” via Off The Radar – the first Modernage track released in four years!!! Today, we’re happy to release to the world their second single “Bullets.”

We also managed to slip frontman Mario Giancarlo and Xavier Alexander (guitar/keys) a few questions, surely some of the same ones on everybody’s mind, regarding the Modernage hiatus and return.

Why the four year hiatus? What have ya’ll been up to the last four years?

Xavier: Focusing on person lives and the changing cultural (and musical) landscape in Miami. It’s always been difficult for us to find the right recording situation. Each time we’d start a project it would fall through. We also all have “normal” careers and personal lives changed so that’s always been a distraction.

How did the break helped you and your music grow and develop both individually and as a band?

Mario: There hasn’t really been a real “break”. We just tend to do something and then leave sometime in between action. The “break” however served to try out different members and to find out what we really want as a group.

Now that you’re back together making music, what’s the plan?

Mario: The plan is to make music. Our biggest flaw is that we don’t release material anymore. Hopefully, that will change.

Xavier: We have our own studio now and decided to take a DIY approach to the process. We have a lot of great songs just “lying around” that deserve to see the light of day. I consider a few of these to be the best tracks we’ve written.

‘It’s Never Easy’ and ‘Bullets’ are the first singles you’ve released – What can you tell us about the tracks and the making of?

Mario: I am not holding back on situations or moments. Most of the emotional and adventurous side of my last 4 years are described lyrically in the songs. Even some songs that were written before that have awakened a whole new meaning for me.

Xavier: Like I said before we’re excited to put out material ourselves. It takes a lot of effort and it’s a learning experience, but it’s definitely worth it. The response has been encouraging.

When can we expect more new releases?

We’ll be releasing a several of singles every month or so this year. Each will be accompanied by artwork created by Micke Fedez, from the great local band Rebel.

Do you be releasing any videos or an album? When?

The idea is to compile the tracks we release this year into a record. Each track will also have a short teaser video by our very own Garcia Freundt.

Any shows lined up? Tour? 

Xavier: We’ll likely play the ‘His and Hers’ party at the Garret sometime soon. We’re currently discussing tour ideas, but haven’t confirmed anything yet.  We’ve become selective over the years and have seen the music scene in Miami change a lot. It’s really difficult for us to find a show in town that suits our style. Let’s see what 2013 has in store for us.


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It’s Never Easy

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