Our friend and loyal contributor, Rod Deal, has been selected to showcase his artwork as The Vagabond’s ‘Artist of the Month’ for the December Art Basel Edition. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, December 8th and will feature the musical stylings of French Express. In terms of party vibes, this should be one of the hottest openings of the week and knowing Rod Deal’s keen eye, the artwork will embody its musical essence.

Many of you have already been acquainted with Rod Deals’ photography either via The Vagabond’s weekly open-mic Stone Groove or right here on Tropicult. (SeeBehind the Lens: Rod Deal) Truth is, the man has come along way…


Process & Development

How did you start creating photomosaics?

“I started creating them for fun in between photo shoots at first. They were just something I always wanted to learn how to create once I got my process down to really make the images pop I couldn’t stop making them. I make them using photoshop and lightroom I try to get at least 500-2000 images to work with.

I’m a magazine collector and love to read so I usually research the artist or person Im recreating. I try to make each Mosaic look like a complete portrait of their entire life.”

Why do you choose the icons for the artwork?

“Each person is someone who has influence or intrigued me. I try to find people that resonate with my character who’s work is undeniable. But each subject is always for a completely different reason.”

How many different photos do you need to complete each photo mosaic?

“Each mosaic is usually made with at least 2000 images. If I cannot find 2000 I try to go deeper into their history. Find out where they were born who did they work with? What is there back history? Favorite foods? Do they have murals made of them? Streets? By the time I finish a photo mosaic of a particular subject I know everything about them. The challenge is bringing their entire personality out visually.”

What other mediums have you been exploring?

“Im a full time photographer and that is my primary means of expression. With my mosaics I attempt to print them in different formats. Aluminum, steel, plexiglass, Giclee prints. I want each peace to stand out as much as possible.

This year I’ve also been on a small journey riding towards video production. Ive done some documentary footage for Floyd Mayweather, 50 cent, & Austin Mahone. Shot 2 commercials & am currently planning out some music videos with local Miami artists.”


The Vagabond’s ‘Artist of the Month’ for the December Art Basel Edition featuring Rod Deal will open on Saturday, December 8th and will feature the musical stylings of French Express.Rod Deal will also be showcasing artwork at the Miami Independent Thinkers Annual Fair at The Armory Studios – December 6-9 & Voices Elect December 8-January 14.