Inside The Studio with LEBO

Photography by Rod Deal

Dejha Carrington, local art, design and culture guru, turned us on to Downtown Hollywood’s budding art scene. Last month, the district launched the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, a new curated outdoor mural program, with an inaugural jazz-inspired mural by Lebo.

The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project will be centralized in the Live Music District. This past August, at the district’s monthly Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk, celebrated local artist, David “Lebo” Le Batard, unveiled Be-Bop Into Outer Space. Inspired by geometric abstraction, color harmony and 1950s jazz, Lebo’s contribution to the emerging cityscape will add a visual arts component to Downtown Hollywood‘s rapidly growing music initiative. The mural marked the first of ten pieces by uberly rad local artists (Jessy Nite, Ruben Ubeira and Michelle Weinberg rumored to be in the mix), as well as the start of another lucrative art season for Lebo who took us inside his studio for a peek at what he has in the works. Lebo’s mural is a nod to the revival of Downtown Hollywood as a fresh hub for the arts and only the first of the many distinct projects he will be unveiling this Fall/Winter season.

Following the big inauguration, Rod Deal headed to Lebo’s studio to talk more about his upcoming projects and snap some pics. Unfortunately, the interview got lost between shots and so, we will follow-up with more Lebo on a later date. Fortunately, the behind the scenes shots are so dope we forgive him. Check ’em out:

lebo (4 of 10)


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