We encourage night-crawlers to venture into the sun and out to the park for the Magic City’s first DWNTWN Art Days. What you’ll find may shock, delight and/or at the very least entertain you!

As we mentioned in ART DAYS: DWNTWN CULTURE, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) put together the DWNTWN Arts & Culture incentive a couple of years ago which in turn created the DWNTWN ART DAYS to promote cultural institutions and incentivize art exhibits and cultural events.

Although we are unsure of wether we could also attribute the recent revamp of the grounds and facilities that make-up Bayfront Park to their efforts, we commend a serious job well-done.

The park recently underwent a renovation of its bay walk which runs along the edge of Biscayne Bay and continues to Bayside Marketplace.

The renovations include tree plantings, benches, removable chairs, bike racks, trash containers, pavers, and a re-working of a portion of the irrigation system. (More InformationTwo thumbs-up to the the City and of course, many thanks — the park looks wonderful!

On September 7th and 8th, DWNTWN ART DAYS invites you to discover the iconic sculptures and monuments throughout the park, along with art in its purest form – nature.

Take a stroll and experience the bay views, sunbathe in the sandy beach area, and breath in the lush, tropical rock garden. Take your time, the park is open all day!

If you’re into yoga or have been thinking of giving it a shot, head to the Tina Hills Pavilion on Saturday, September 8th at 9 AM before hitting up the Art Days festivities. Bring a yoga mat, water and a towel. Free & open to the public. More Information

Picnic Blanket by Misael Soto

After years of conceptualizing and producing Picnic Blanket and sharing it with the locals, Misael Soto took his Beach Towel on the road this summer for the first, East Coast Tour.

Picnic Blanket (approx. 60×60 ft) Miami Beach (December 2011)

Bringing it back full circle, Misael Soto will be recreating his experimental installation, Picnic Blanket at Bayfront Park to subvert the way DWNTWN ART DAYS park-goers claim their temporary real estate.

If your not big on interaction or have ants in your pants, at the very least do a quick a walk-through or take cigarette break to witness some of the action as the installation as it unfolds.

For those of you who are all in for a day in the park, remember what you momma taught you — sharing is caring! Soto will bring sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and games for one and all. All visitors are also encouraged to occupy the blanket and relax, enjoy some grub, drink something refreshing and make themselves comfortable.

I intend to indict and subvert typically American excess, in an attempt to not only comment on how we choose to share the wealth (or not), but to also provide a space where I create the opportunity for communal transcendence above the conditioning of capitalism.”

Oh and don’t worry very much about packing lunch. You can grab some scrumptious treats for you and your friends at the Food Truck Rally happening right out front the park!

View participating venues here. Visit DWNTWNARTDAYS. Download calendar of events here. View Miami Trolley Map here.