Art is in the air and season is just around the corner but with sizzling events like Art Days just weeks away the scene is hot and don’t expect it to cool down any time soon!

The Design District has had a cohesive art community for a while now and after last Basel I think it’s clear that their neighbors in Wynwood are caught up. In 2010, the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA)  launched a desperately needed arts and culture initiative, DWNTWN Arts & Culture. For the past two years the DWNTWN Arts & Culture organization has been working towards bringing together all of Downtown’s culture and business under one cohesive umbrella to promote cultural institutions as well as facilitate and incentivize art exhibitions and cultural events.


DWNTWN Art Days is the first collective two-day arts and culture event inviting the community to walk the streets of Downtown Miami and will provide a trolley to get you around and in on the action.  [View Miami Trolley Map] On Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th there will be a series of day and night activities with family programming, happy hour exhibits,  events, and an after party.

Over the next few days, we will be covering some of our faves, tune in!

WinePhoto:  The Symmetry of Wine & Photography 

For those of you who like to start the weekend early, kick-off Art Days Thursday at Wine by the Bay in Downtown Miami . WinePhoto was originally conceived as a means to express how photography relates to wine in both conventional and unconventional ways. Since 2004, the contest has evolved into a collection of stories about the contemporary world. Each year a theme aims to project a different point of view. The 2012 theme is based on William Faulkner’s Light in August “Diaries – Memory believes before knowing remembers.” The WinePhoto jury is comprised of highly-recognized photographers. The 2011 edition, “Renaissance, stories that could not have been” includes the works of: Marc Shoul, South Africa; Christopher Capozziello, United States; Sanders Marsman, Netherlands; Giovanni Troilio, Italy; and Sarah Amy Fishlock, United Kingdom. (Past Winner Gallery Below)


Thursday, Sept 6, 2012 3:30 PM – Meet & Greet Fabio Balan, Owner of Balan Wines, Italy and Diego Orlando, Creative Director WinePhoto –  A private event for wine and restaurant professionals, professional photographers/photojournalists, and media. Registration is required to [email protected] or 305.455.9791.

Friday, Sept 7, 2012 at 7 PM – Private Preview of 2012 WinePhoto – Winners will be announced at a private VIP dinner/wine tasting and Media Invite at Etra Fine Art, Design District.

Saturday, Sept 8, 2012 until 10 PM  – WinePhoto 2012 at Etra Fine Art as part of 2nd Saturday Art & Design Night/Art Walk. Free.

Thursday, Sept 7 & Sept 8, 2012 12 – 9 PM  – WinePhoto 2011 at Wine by the Bay, Downtown Miami in collaboration with DWNTWN Art Days 2012. Free.

View participating venues here (next page). Visit DWNTWNARTDAYS. Download full calendar of events here. View Miami Trolley Map here.

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