Get Lost this Saturday’s at Wynwood Art Walk in a display of paintings, photos, and sculpture inspired by Brian Butler’s slightly creepy obsession with kitschy roadside culture and miniature golf.

“I am an artist, fueled by ice cream and miniature golf.”

When he isn’t out on the mini green, Brian Butler does graphic design for bands and local venues. Hit up The UpperHand Art to check out some of his work. You may recognize some of his designs from one your favorite local watering holes or music venues.

In 2007, Brian Butler began to travel far and wide exploring America’s back roads on a quest for the greatest miniature golf courses in the land. Several gallons of gas and eighty-seven courses later Brian Butler is getting ready to unveil GET LOST, a collection of work inspired by the years he spent getting lost on the back roads of America.

Mini-Golf Retrospective

2007 – Present


In the summer of 2007 Colby Leonard and documented every miniature golf course in Massachusetts. At the time there were 84 courses.

Whale Island 

“This installation is the product of a summer-long tour of every miniature golf course in Massachusetts. It is the predecessor of Capital Falls, my first attempt at playable-art.”

Whale Island was installed over the course of a week in MassArt’s Godine Gallery. It featured eight putt-putt holes, a mystery dwelling structure adorned with a waterfall skull, and the origin theater housed inside Moby Dick. Throughout the exhibition was evidence of miniature golf courses Brian encountered on his trip and illustrated permutations in the development of Whale Island.

“Whale Island is a floating sperm whale carcass is slowly collecting sea-garbage. This demi-island is ultimately discovered and it’s inherent obstacles and unique terrain are capitalized on as the world’s first miniature golf island.”


Central Mini Golf Mural

“This was the first thing I made upon returning from a trip to Europe. It’s intended to be a celebration of the perfect summer weather.”

This mini golf mural was painted along the legal wall in Central Square Cambridge.

Myrtle Beach, SC 

“Colby and I broke out the putters to head down to Myrtle Beach, and unknowingly celebrate “Senior Week”, (the week following “Biker Week”). We played a profane amount of miniature golf, and learned a lot about the dirty south.”


Brian Butler, artist and miniature golf fanatic, has traveled far and wide exploring America’s back roads. The exhibit is an homage to America’s forgotten pass time. Brian Butler also painted a sick mural and even installed a playable miniature golf hole, taking full advantage of every square inch the gallery has to offer.

Saturday, June 9th at Product81 Gallery in Wynwood  from 6-10 pm as a part of the Fordistas program. Fordistas is a platform for emerging local artists that is powered by South Florida Ford. Artists are commissioned by Ford to create original pieces inspired by the program’s themes of self-expression, passion, and unity.