Before The Legends Of Man

Before all things were made, nothing was made. Before all gods.  Before all days.

When illustrator, musician, and  graphic designer Luis Pinto discovered the art of the spray can at the ripe age of 13, he dove into the realm of artistic expression and never looked back. His premiere solo exhibit, Before The Legends of Man, illustrates the history and function of the evolving universe via mythological divinities and geometric shapes that reflect the human condition in the scope of technology, ritual, and industry.

With a seemingly unquenchable desire to create, it’s no surprise that Luis Pinto received a Mastermind Honorable Mention from the Miami New Times earlier this year – his concepts are thought provoking and intelligent, to say the least. Questioning the never-ending flow of information in modern society and dissatisfied with so-called technological progress, Luis began to wonder what we lost when we gained the Internet. He began gathering artwork and poetry and set off to create something tangible that could exist well beyond the present. Soon afterwards, with a little help from his friends, Luis launched the paper media publication Strange Ways.

Luis and friends produce, assemble, and distribute 150 copies of each issue. The mini-zine announces a different theme for each issue to encourage creativity and contributions.

Strange Ways Issue #12, which hits the streets this summer, comes with a demo for Luis’ latest music project, a collaboration with local DJ Mike Deuce.  Oh, and did we mention that the demo will be presented solely in the form of a tape cassette? We’d like to tell you how to get a copy, but that could very well mean we won’t get one, so you’re on your own.  Good luck!

Like many other of my favorite local artists, Luis started off by focusing on graffiti and street culture. As a student of both art and mythology, he began incorporating memories of his native country, Peru, into his artwork. In 2010 he drew Gates, Guardians, & Vessels the foundation for his upcoming exhibit Before The Legends Of Man.

Everything used is intended to reinforce already-established connections in the mind of the viewer and left open to interpretation.”

select drawings 2010 series

BEFORE THE LEGENDS OF MAN   Thursday, June 7th | 6-8 pm

Kidrobot Miami proudly presents Luis Pinto’s premiere solo exhibit, Before The Legends Of Man.  

Luis Pinto focuses on the energies that came before the being,  a primordial age, when the world had not yet achieved its current form. Powerful and full of emotion, the work illustrates the beginnings of the existence of an omnipresent universe through symbols and allegories rooted in myths and divinities.