Primary Flight

Wynwood Art Fair Primer

Artists from the venerable street art brigade known as Primary Flight were among the first to set up shop in Miami’s then-unheard of Wynwood arts district. Here’s what the crew has in store for Wynwood Art Fair 2011.

The pride of Wynwood, Primary Flight is one of the most accomplished art collectives around. The group, which re-imagined the streets of Wynwood as the world’s first open air street level museum, is known for their monumental murals and stark urban aesthetic. To the world-class artists that work with Primary Flight, every wall is a work of art waiting to happen, especially those in Wynwood. No second-Saturday Art Walk is complete without a trip to Primary Flight, and their yearly collaborations for Art Basel never disappoint.

At Wynwood Art Fair

Six artists from Primary Flight will be doing a live canvas painting and street art session at Wynwood Art Fair. Afterwards, the resulting works of art will go to auction at the VIP Brunch, which takes place on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2p.m. Proceeds, as always, benefit the Lotus House.

Participating artists include: Bask, Tatiana Suarez (pictured), Gustavo Oviedo, Franky Cruz, Jessy Nite, Jose Mertz

Some of the world’s best artists have put together a staggeringly impressive body of work under the PF banner, and every single one of their projects deserves its own post, at the very least. We’ll definitely be talking more about them in the future, but for now, we’re just psyched to see them at WAF. PF sets the bar high, and their fame lets them set the price tag even higher. Just getting into the brunch will set you back $500, sans any art. If you’ve got the loot to spare, though, Primary Flight is always a good investment, so get your auction tickets here.