Gustavo Oviedo PROJECTed

Southern Hospitality

Local artist Gustavo Oviedo, aka 131, uses film, paint, and aerosol to create visual narratives composed of symbols and shapes inspired by his surroundings and experiences.

When the Parisian artist moved to Miami he found himself inspired by his environment and quickly immersed himself in the local art scene. 131 experiments with a variety of mediums while maintaining his conceptual principles. His ongoing photography series is dedicated to documenting the various inscriptions carved into cement.

One afternoon, while riding his bike around his studio in Wynwood, 131 began photographing all kinds of cement inscriptions in that area, some dating back to the 1950′s. He continued by documenting palm tree inscriptions in neighboring Miami Beach. Hundreds of photographs later, he prints the images and adds them to a collage on a set of doors he uses as his canvas. Inspired by the interaction of sound and moving images, 131 also uses video to investigate non-linear narrations.


131 developed a unique approach to art referred to as the particle style. This method derives its inspiration from the patterns seen when looking through a microscope. He imagines his pieces broken down into blood samples composed of discrete cells and other particles. At a macro level, all the microscopic particles make the artwork complete.

For his particle series, 131 analyzed a variety of images under a microscope, including amoebas, scientific schematics, and space, and used them as reference to evolve his pieces into something unexpected.

Particle Candyland

The particle style developed into a form of narrative composed of symbols and shapes that he describes as atari-like battles in which the different particles laser each other out in a fury of funky colors.

Catch 131 painting his famous ‘particles’ on The Vagabond Garden gate, Thursday , October 29th, 131 for a special edition of  (((Shake))) Thursday – Moombathon Over Miami.  


131 Projects is 131’s motion graphics and video production company which he uses for his commercial endeavors. Check out the killer client roster on the latest demo reel.