Clothing SwapsAre The Best Thing Ever

As global warming continues, big brands are failing to innovate quickly, and shoppers aren’t voting with their dollars in large enough numbers because of the convenience big brands offer. Let’s be real: it takes effort to be a conscious consumer. One of my most favorite life hacks has been participating in the “sustainable style” culture.

It must have been over 13 years ago when I first made the decision for myself to start incorporating used clothes into my wardrobe. Slowly over the years, I’ve weaned myself off of buying clothes new, and I swap almost exclusively now.

That choice helped me save the money I needed towards the downpayment on my first house. It also is literally so fun. Way better than thrift store hunting in my opinion. I’m happy to see more “Clothing Swaps” or “Sustainable Style Social” events popping up all around Miami. My closet can barely handle it!

The Full Edit founded by Colleen Coughlin helps people organize, purge & style their closet. They also organize and host Clothing Swaps. I recently attended one of their social + clothing swaps at Verde in Wynwood. I came home with so many gems! Spent $0. Now I have to many clothes so It’s time to clean out my closet again. They’re having a few more in the upcoming days + weeks. RSVP information is below!

The Full Edit Clothing Swap with Fashion Revolution
The Full Edit Clothing Swap at Zen Zone Miami

Photos of some of my finds from The Full Edit Swap at Verde.



April 27 - April 27 2019

Join us for a fun and interactive afternoon with a clothing swap, a panel on zero waste, upcycling workshops, and pop-up shop!

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