New Year,Do You!Local Model Debuts Daring Haircut


In honor of 2019 and it being a new year and all, I’m featuring Danielle “The Tall Girl” Bassett on Tropicult. Not only is Dani one of my favorite SoFlo ladies, but she has also just debuted a brand new “do”, or lack thereof, and it is giving me all the feels! Having long hair for a woman is typically not a choice that we make as a person. It’s something that is decided for us as children, and we carry through into our adulthood. Dani decided to cut off all her hair and filmed the first few moments live on Instagram. It was a jaw-dropping moment to watch, that gave me chills. I sat down with her to get the inside scoop on her new look. It is a story of strength and power. The end result, stunning.

“For so long the fashion and beauty industry has been walking in one direction, and finally, all the lanes are open. Let’s run.”

– Dani

Last month I sat down to scroll through Instagram and you had posted a video of your husband shaving your head. I think my exact reaction was “WHAT IS HAPPENING”!? I have always planned on cutting my hair really short, and I have to say you are giving me some serious motivation! What is it like having no hair?

It’s pretty awesome actually! Pros are definitely that I have tons of time for make-up and outfit choices now vs. before. Also, I feel pretty chic so I’m excited to see how my style will evolve to this new hair. So far I think the only con is that my head is cold in certain stores! I was a target the day after and I was freezing!


Hahaha, thank gosh we live in South Florida so you only have to face that indoors. How did you come to the decision to cut your hair?

I’ve always toyed with the idea of going bald of having a pixie cut since I was 15. Growing up being the only person in my family with curly hair, I wasn’t taught how to properly care for it. When YouTube started teaching me, I started learning new techniques but even then, it was almost a full-time job and I like to be low maintenance in certain areas of my life. Last year I finally got my pixie cut and I was so happy for the year it lasted. Once it started growing back, I felt myself getting frustrated again. Adding to that my line of work! I’m a model and I felt myself in a place of stagnancy. A lot of people doing this look the same and I didn’t want to get lost in a sea of sameness. I knew it was time to just go for it!

What if any research did you do prior to making the cut?

My research was really looking at the same IG influencer over and over again. Her name is Celine Bernaerts, she’s Yves Saint Laurent brand ambassador that also has no hair. It was interesting watching her do multiple makeup looks and different eyebrow color shades. Her looks are endless and so clean due to having no hair. She’s very chic and this really drew my attention.

“I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately felt power.”


Take me through the experience after the story on Instagram ended, after your husband took the first snips?

Initially, I was terrified. After the first snips, the camera stopped and the real cut began. The clippers grazed my scalp and I immediately thought, “There’s no going back”. There was so much hair around me, on me, on the floor, everywhere! Once the hair was all off of my scalp, before my husband started the fading and cleaning up process, I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately felt power. Once the hair is gone and you’re faced with your true self, it’s incredibly empowering. You really get to see yourself. I felt like Queen Nefertiti! I had never in my life felt so powerful nor as beautiful as I looked at that very moment. My eyes watered, as did my husband’s. It was such an amazing moment and an unforgettable bonding experience for us as a married couple.

How does your son like your new look?

Funny enough, earlier that day when I made the decision, he was very unhappy and cried! It made me sad to see him that way of course but I wanted to take that as an opportunity to teach him that you have to allow people to live their truths and to be happy. I would never allow him to do something harmful to himself nor others, but I do want him to know he has rights and certain freedoms. The very next day when he finally saw it, he was a bit shy when it came to looking at me until he finally came over, sat with me and asked to touch my head. Once he did that, he looked at me and said, “I like it a lot more than I thought I would”. He gave me a big hug and kiss and didn’t leave my side the rest of the day.


Danielle Basset is a model who uses her platform to have open and honest discussions with her supporters regarding confidence and self-esteem. She works with brands that share and understand the importance of inclusivity and self-love. She is fashionable, beautiful, and shares awesome self-love exercises.

You can follow her journey on Instagram.