Drumstick.Drum Stick.Patrick & The Swayzees

Here's your monthly serving of Drumstick. Drum Stick. Dig in! 


I’m back with that six piece always extra crispy; frying up greasy questions with Florida’s greeziest.

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Les Greene of Patrick & The Swayzees; front man of the surf-rock, doo wop hybrid which can make even the shyest of introverts “SHOUT”.

<Cue Animal House>

The Key West locals have quickly earned a following in Miami’s music scene and Les spares no soul when it comes to his music or his food.


1. If you could pair one soul album with one meal, what would it be and why?


“Any Bob Marley Legend album with my moms homemade curry chicken and roti just to keep a Caribbean theme haha”

2. Being that you guys are located in Key West, what are your go to spots in the Keys?

“In the keys? we’ve got the late night drunken pizza stop Mr. Z’s everyones stop before heading in for the night! my happy hour spot would have to Bagatelle for some $5 lobster mac n cheese!”

Moreover, what are your go to spots when you come to Miami?

“Miami ? my heart belongs to Ms Cheezious. It’s hand and hand playing at Gramps over in Wynwood and grabbing like 3 turkey melts before the show. (drools)

I’ve still yet to encounter the House of Mac truck, I’m still trying to track it down! good Mac n Cheese is life as far as I’m concerned.”

giphy (1)3. If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be and where or what would you dine on?

“My late grandmother because if my mom cooks this good i could jut imagine how that chick threw down in the kitchen and from what i hear she seems pretty cool ha!

We’d eat whatever Guyanese / Caribbean Food she’d make for me, i wouldn’t ask any questions I’d just eat.”

4. What’s up with Patrick & the Swayzees? Give us the dish on upcoming shows, music, tours (anything you want to plug)?

“Well we just finished out summer east coast tour, now were back in the key west starting our 7 nights at Hogs Breath 10pm-2am. after that we’ll be heading to Cincinnati, OH for shows all Labor Day weekend at Jax Tavern! then I’m going to be taking a break to focus on writing for our album so we can finally finish it and get it out there to you all that have been waiting patiently but still while doing a few shows here and there in between! so stay tune to our social media for up coming show in your area! “

giphy5. Are any of the band members good in the kitchen? If so, what would a band meal look like?

“Haha lets see… from what i have witnessed and tasted with my bandmate heres my opinion if band specialties.

Myself: Spaghetti
Patrick: The Stir Fry Guy
Jerrod: Anything Heathy, Fruits and Veggies
River: He’ll find us the nearest McDonalds lol
T-bone: We get along cause of our shared love for Mac n Cheese

I don’t think id eat all of that at once unless i was stoned but by themselves i think we’ve got some good eats!”

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