An Interview withMelissa B. Osorio

Founder of Night School

Have you found yourself wondering lately – where has all the good conversation gone? Instead of spending one more night at the bar yelling over loud music, curious night owls are checking out the stimulating scene at Night School. With topics covering everything from the psychology of success to human sexuality to how to survive the zombie apocalypse, Night School takes a lively conversation off of social media and the comments section of blogs and brings it into real life, face-to-face with the coolest, smartest people in Miami.

Get to know Headmistress of Night School, founder Melissa Blundell Osorio:

mugsypic1How did Night School start?

I started the roundtable coffeehouse discussion group as soon as I moved to Miami two years ago because I was new and didn’t know a single person here. I figured it would be a good way to meet people (specifically, that it would attract the kind of people I wanted to meet and the kind of people I wanted to be friends with), as well as a way to find the type of conversation I missed having with my friends, so Night School was born!

Why should people want to go back to school?

We all love to learn new things, but mention “school” and people freeze up. I liked the idea of Night School because you will learn, but in a fun and unique way. It is an interactive learning lab and the idea is that each event and each class will be led by speakers from different walks of life with different experiences to bring to the group.

There are many components to Night School. How do they all tie together?

What really ties everything together in Night School, and why I do the specific events I do is because I have a deep interest in human behavior. At its core, Night School (the classes) focuses on learning about human behavior and how we can influence it and utilize certain tendencies to be more effective in our lives.

Sexposé is about how so much of human behavior is in some way related to sex. The roundtable discussions usually explore how human behavior plays out in society and its effects in the country and the world (how it’s related to sociopolitical issues, etc.). And all of our events are focused on sparking debate and conversation for an interactive, mind-expanding night out.

Can you tell us some more about Sexposé?

There are many reasons that this event came about. Sex is a fascinating topic, and intersects with so many different facets of our lives. Also, like most people, I grew up feeling a lot of shame around sex, so on some level the event may have come out of a desire to have people talk about this stuff so that they see it’s just a normal part of life.

I want us to break the taboo of sex, make it not such a big deal. With the speaker categories, there’s also a desire to provide a platform for less visible/marginalized groups to be able to share a story and for sex industry professionals to advocate for their rights.

Upcoming Event: Saturday, October 24, 2015, Sexpose – Turn On Your Brain

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Melissa Blundell Osorio is the founder of Night School and the leading force behind many of Miami’s most popular “nerdtastic” events. She is a Co-Boss of the popular Nerd Nite Miami, the founder and organizer of the renowned Round Table discussions, and has been a featured presenter at Ladyfest Miami.  A fearless teacher and event planner at heart, Osorio decided to do what she does best and organized Miami’s best destination for curious night owls – Night School.