VillainImprovisational Theatre Sweeps In

Improvisational Theatre Sweeps Into Miami's Performing Arts Scene

11143303_352944168235349_128012428945235099_n Another improvisational theater moves into town. Villain, located inside Litte Haiti’s MADE at the Citadel, will introduce Chicago-style improv, sketch theater showcases, and workshops. Jeff Quintana and Peter Mir, the villainous duo behind the whole thing, invite you to the opening event – SATURDAY GIGANTIC. The full day affair will feature guests Timmy Mayse and Cesar Jaime, sweeping in on the Magic City with special performances to blow away the Miami crowd like the Chicago wind.


Villain Theater co-founders, Jeff Quintana and Peter Mir, have been performing since 2003 for great institutes like ioWest, Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet Theater, Peoples Improv Theater, Groundlings, Annoyance Theater, Theatre Momentum, One Group Mind, Comedy Sportz Chicago, Playground Theater, Second City, the legendary iO Theater, and most recently at the Impromedy.  The two joined forces to launch Villain Theater with the hope to make improvisational theater accessible to actors across Miami. Workshops and seminars will focus on communication, quick thinking, and conflict resolution, for individuals or for companies that aim to create a dynamic workforce are being offered Villain’s Artistic Director, Jeff Quintana at the helm.

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Villain Theater will also popping up at MicroTheater, an incredibly successful project which home on the loading dock behind the Centro Cultural Español. Throughout the five-month season, these impromptu theater micro plays are presented in sets of 15-minutes, six times night in seven shipping containers spaces. This looks to be an exciting new period for Miami theater, check in with Tropicult we follow the impact of improv in the local performing arts community.