Dance HackLocal Experimental Choreography

Eight Miami-based choreographers showcase progressive, experimental contemporary works during Dance/USA


“Miami’s dance scene shows promise of a city whose identity is still in formation – diverse interests at play with Miami’s modernity make for exciting outcomes.” Liony Garcia

Dance Hack is a group show of eight artists presenting progressive and experimental choreography. The work ranges from intimate pas de deux between dancer and musician, to screendance and dance-theater. Each work was originally submitted (and rejected) in an open call to a local selection committee, who programmed a series of showings during the Dance/USA Annual Conference. In order to ensure every unique and participating Miami artist has opportunity to show work, Pioneer Winter worked with Jared Sharon of RIFT Blackbox to present these Dance Hack choreographers.

“Hacking digs deeper, it eats away at the decay and creates something that belongs to everyone, a space where everyone can contribute. These are not necessarily contributions that are safe and clean or that are even necessarily pretty or digestible by conventional standards, but they are creations that change and are changed by the systems being examined. Hacking is about understanding that we affect each other; everything can be accessed, everything can be changed. In this way, I think this group of artists embody the hybridity that is a critical fiber of Miami’s Dance voice.” Niurca Marquez


RIFT is the perfect location for a showcase like this, as part of the venue’s mission is to serve as a bridging space for risk-taking emerging and experimenting artists. Other showcases from its first year open have included multiple work-in-progress group shows and an evening of Cuban-American female choreographers called ¿Que Pasa [En Danza], U.S.A.? – continuing this motivation, Dance Hack will push the envelop of evolving dance forms by representing a strong and growing facet of the South Florida dance scene. Two major producers have also come in to help facilitate Dance Hack: Tigertail Productions is sponsoring the free shuttle transport for conference visitors from/to their hotel to RIFT, and FUNDArte is sponsoring the printing of the palm cards.

 “This isn’t about being contrary or subversive. This is about not being invisible, and about representing what Miami looks like and feels like every other week of the year when the conference isn’t here.”

Pioneer Winter

 Performance Information

RIFT Blackbox Theater Est. May 2014. Serving the community as an interdisciplinary space in the heart of Miami’s Art District in Wynwood, RIFT is an intimate venue where dance, visual art, performance, video and all other contemporary practices can materialize. Located within Miami Dance Studio, RIFT seeks to bridge the gap between artists and fully realized work, by offering affordable rehearsal space, tech, and a performance ready venue. RIFT Blackbox has an open-door policy, where artists have the opportunity to work closely with the producers on technical requirements, and where no sacrifice has to be made to their artistic vision.